So stage 1 of your Limestone trip is complete. If you’re heading along the same route most take, you have driven from Adelaide along the Coorong, booked into your accommodation and now realise you forgot to plan something to feed the kids, who by this point, are now proper feral.

Don’t worry we have your back. The Project at Robe is hands down our best pick for eating out at Robe. They are open breakfast til dinner too. We had asked some friends familiar with the area where we should go and they had all suggested The Project. It is not hard to see why!

My kids are fairly fussy. By fairly fussy I mean they won’t eat cheese but will eat cheesy mac. They won’t eat tomato but will eat tomato sauce by the litre. Typical weird kid diets that can be hard to cater for if you want something a bit nice for the parents too. What I loved about The Project was, to quote The Castle, the vibe. It was casual enough that you feel happy enough taking 3 knackered kids for a pizza after 4hrs in the car, but it was funky enough that the parents will enjoy the art work and music too. A really good mix. Not that I am an art critic, but it looked good to my (very) untrained eye.

But good vibes and scenery mean for nothing if the food doesn’t cut it. Thankfully The Project just nails it. I have eaten a handful of pizzas in my time (many, many handfuls) but this was really one of the best. The kids all loved their food and Miss Fussy 11yo even ordered seconds! That is unheard of. Local beers are on top which will keep the parents happy (Probably has wine too. I must remember to drink something other than beer) but the real hidden gem of this place is the huge outdoor eating area out back. In summer this area would be amazing and there is even a sand pit and play area for the kids.

What else do you want besides great food, great location on Main Street and you will absolutely looked after by Antony and the team.

You’ll find The Project at
4 Victoria St, Robe
Visit them on Facebook

The Project is a great stop if you’re considering a trip to the area. For more great tips in the Limestone Coast, be sure to check out our Limestone Coast for Kids post for heaps of other cool tips: