Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials

At my last appointment my obstetrician told me that I should start getting a bag of things ready for the hospital. You know the sort of thing: pads, pads and more pads. So I was looking back over my list of “must-takes” from my last delivery (which you can find HERE) and have updated it to suit my anticipated wants and needs post-labour.

1. Hydrogel Breast Discs (Rite Aid)

These are, quite literally, amazing. They help soothe your breasts once your milk comes in and just really make things MUCH more comfortable. You can keep these in the fridge to soothe your breasts after breastfeeding and you can actually wipe and reuse them a couple of times if you want to.

2. Maternity Pads

Stayfree have super long ones that are really good as they’re not bulky, but still cover a large area. The Libra ‘Everyday’ pads are good for later on. Don’t worry- hopefully you won’t have to wear them for very long!

3. QV moisturiser.

The QV range is well worth investing in, particularly if you get really dry skin from breastfeeding or your skin gets irritated by perfumed moisturisers after you have the baby (even it it didn’t before! Yes, your body may go a bit weird).

4. Lansinoh cream 

This stuff is brilliant! You don’t have to wash it off before breastfeeding either so get a really BIG tube of this to help with sore nipples. Just beware not to let it get on any good clothes as it is a bit oily (not you’ll ever wear good clothes again anyway!)

5. Flushable wipes & Prune Juice

Trust me on this one, flushable wipes will save your life after delivery. And the prune juice will help get things moving and make it a LOT easier for you, particularly if you’ve had medication, epidural or other drugs during labour, which can leave you feeling constipated. You really don’t want to be putting too much effort into any number 2 action after giving birth. Check out Roxy’s post on ‘Things I didn’t know about having a baby‘ if you need more info on this one!

6. Tinted moisturiser, mascara & tissues

Throw some tinted moisturiser into your bag just in case you want to feel semi-human- or if you would like to cover those pin-pricks of burst blood vessels in your forehead. (Apparently that’s what the midwife meant when she was saying, “Don’t push with your face!” Haha!). Soft tissues come in handy for that Day 3 hormone melt down that no one tells you about. Taking your own toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner can really make you feel a little bit more normal after going through labour!

7. Wine & a platter 

Preferably a bottle of Vinteloper, Bird in Hand Sparkling or just a flagon of gin. Also, ask someone to deliver a pre-ordered platter of pastrami, pate, soft cheese and chocolates! Lush! Basically, you will be ravenous if you’re breastfeeding so make sure you order everything on the hospital menu once you have had the baby. Snacks, snacks and more snacks. You will be hungry and need to keep up your energy. I have never been more in love with a ham and cheese sandwich as much as I was after delivering Elka. Delish.

8. Giant, cheap undies

Lots of pairs of cheap GIANT undies in dark colours that you can just chuck out after use. And I mean giant ones.

9. Feeding tops

You don’t have to buy anything fancy. A couple of button up shirts to make breastfeeding skin-to-skin easier and a couple of loose-fitting t-shirts or singlets are best. Sometimes it’s easier just to take your top off entirely until you get used to how it should look/feel when your baby is latched on correctly. Also take some comfortable clothes for the drive home. Any clothes that fit you around the 6-month mark of you pregnancy will be about right. Check out She’s My Baby for feeding tops or Cotton On for some good baggy-top options.

10. Maternity sleeping bras

These are brilliant as they are so, so comfortable. Plus, there are no clasps to deal with. I wore these throughout the day too a lot of the time! Target have some good options that are inexpensive.

ps – If you need a cute new bag to put all this stuff in, we LOVE the range of bags from Luna Blu Australia. Especially their Olivia Nappy Bag that you can get for 15% off AND free shipping using the code KIA.