I love me a quality brunch. Now that I have hit that age as an adult where going out at night is just too bloody hard, a cracking poached egg with avo is where its at for me. Unfortunately, a relaxing brunch spot and young kids do not always mesh too well. In fact it can make it an absolute nightmare to be honest. We ventured down to Veloce Paninoteca, located at the stunning Marina Pier at Glenelg. Wow what a spot. 

With the whole clan in tow, we were lucky enough to score a fabulous sunny morning for our visit, which allowed the older kids to relax inside while Mr 5 and I stood just outside and dreamed of which luxury boats to buy (apparently I just need to save some money….financial advice from a 5 year old! Brilliant).

With plenty of seating options inside and out, you can choose to enjoy the weather if it suits or tuck away nice and snug inside. Plus what a sensational spot to go for a walk after along the pier (especially if you sort of maybe over indulged at brunch…*cough* me *cough*)

But now to the food. My clan are fussy kids. Like really fussy. I use the 2 out of 3 rule with my 3 kids. At any one time, one of them will not be happy. You can set your watch to this rule. Try it yourself. It works! But at Veloce, wow the food was incredible. There is no kids menu as such, but that worked totally fine because the breakfast menu was huge. Whether eggs and avo, waffles, milkshakes or pancakes take your fancy, they have it all! We tried a mix of the whole menu (when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘me’. I ate all the food. Don’t judge me) and nothing disappointed. As a sort of brunch snob who is fairly critical with a poached egg brekky, Veloce was amazing. Highly recommend. The coffee was superb too.

For the kids, they ate like royalty. I wish my words could properly describe the awesomeness that was the caramel waffle that Miss 15 absolutely loved, or the pancakes with strawberries that Miss now 12 (Happy Birthday!) wouldn’t share with me because they were so good. Washed down with some perfect milkshakes and my 3 were all happy and content at the same time.

Fantastic atmosphere, great value, a simply stunning location and friendly for kids of all ages, we can’t wait to go back. Oh and they also had a gelato bar which we would have loved to try, but simply were so full….but I expect it would have been delish.

Open 7 days a week from 8am til 5pm
Shop 23 Holdfast Promenade Marina Pier, Glenelg