NEWS:  Woody’s new CD ‘Let’s Play’ is out now and you can grab your own copy from the Woody’s website right here. We can’t wait for ours to arrive!

The kids will love Woody’s World music – its fun, its full of crazy characters, its just great Aussie family music at its best. Unlike the ‘normal’ round up of kids music, Woody’s CD “Good Morning Kids” isn’t the repetitive high pitched kindergartener songs – there is a great variety from folk, jazz, rock and country all on the one CD. Woody’s songs include our family favourites “Good Morning” and “Say That You Love Me” (Say You Do), while the 3 year old loves “Going To The Show” that talks about all his favourite Aussie animals. The song content brings to life lots of the experiences and content that kids can relate to in life – spending time with family, making friends, the change of seasons and staying away from snakes!

Woody’s music is full of life and characters that the kids understand – with heaps of cool animal friends that pop up during the songs. If you get the chance to go and see their live show I can wholeheartedly recommend that you take the whole family. We were lucky enough to see Woody’s World at the Adelaide Fringe this year and the kids thought all their Christmas’s had come at once! It really brought to life the characters in the songs, with highlights being Hercules the Alley Cat and the audience participation with ‘sock snakes’ in the song about the snake Ralph! The live show also gives a great sense of family, with Woody’s whole family along for the show singing and playing instruments – its great to see 3 generations all being so active in the production together. If my kids still want to hang out and jam with me in 30 years I’ll be very happy!

Our family keep the Good Morning Kids CD in the car at all times and it gets a solid workout yet never gets old (unlike some kids music CDs we know!). The songs feature Woody’s own family and friends singing wonderful lyrics backed by a huge variety of instruments from ukelele, guitar, piano and even an orchestra! Good Morning Kids is like taking the family on a journey through childhood – reliving all the best things from when I was a kid with my own family now. If you’re after some new kids music, a great gift for a young family, or looking for a live show to take kids of all ages to see that they can relate to then definitely put Woody’s World at the top of your list! We can’t wait for the next album.

You can purchase the CD online at