My days are so often like Groundhog Day. Feed, clean up, play, feed, clean up, play, settle for a nap, feed, play, clean up…and repeat….! BUT, here are a few things that have been happening lately that are exciting to me as a new mum.

Elka now has teeth. Six of them. Four up top and two down below. The Women’s and Children’s Teething Compound has been great to help her when she’s been in pain, but only really works for about an hour. That’s been all we’ve needed so far, but I’m dreading when her big fangs start poking through those tender gums! Now that she has teeth, breastfeeding can be a challenge but so far there haven’t been any major injuries. I’ll be honest, I am expecting my nipple to be bitten off and roll down the hallway the whole time I’m breastfeeding. #nervous

With the teeth now an exciting part of Elka’s little being, she has decided to transfer her love of turning the pages of books to a love of EATING books. I’m having a mini dilemma. Do I move the books to a place that is unreachable and just get them down when we do read in the morning and at bedtime? Or do I leave them where they are and encourage her to play with other toys instead, but still give her to opportunity to practice opening the books, turning the pages and looking at the pictures? I think I’m going to go with option B. Even if it means not all books survive….!

Now that Elka has combined her speed-crawling with eating, she has decided that all things on the ground are delicious. Bits of cheese, cereal, rocks, grass and bark. She has also eaten a moth. It was a bit gross seeing wings stuck to the side of her face but I’m hoping it was a small moth. And although I feel like I may have failed slightly as a parent, at least Elka is helping me clean the house.

When Elka first started really getting into her crawling and climbing, she was so dedicated that she would do it at night too. #creepy! She would eventually wake up completely disorientated and upset. It was really hard to settle her back to sleep after this, but it’s been a while since she’s done that now and we’re hoping that phase of being awake for TWO HOURS in the middle of the night (sometimes more than once in a night!) has passed.

Most recently, Elka started childcare and I went back to work. Although I’m only working 4 days a week, that’s plenty for me at the moment. If I’m honest, each morning when I drop Elka at childcare I feel like picking her right back up again and going home to play “Let’s climb on mummy, eat her nose, pull her hair and laugh.” I feel like I’m missing a limb when I’m away from Elka, but it’s soothing to know she loves childcare. She literally dives out of my arms to play with the other kids. So at this stage it’s going well, but I’m dreading the mornings when she cries or becomes clingy. Ew. That will not be fun.

I’ve been really enjoying getting back into work though. I feel a bit guilty about this, just like I feel guilty about sending Elka to childcare. The great guilt of motherhood! But it’s great to get my head into another space and talk about things other than dirty nappies again or bloody self-settling (if I hear about self-settling ONE MORE TIME!!!). I do feel a bit like I’m functioning with a bit of an empty feeling in me at work sometimes- missing Elka is a constant. But I am passionate about my profession, which runs at a frantic pace, and my colleagues have been very supportive, making it easier. However by the end of a work day, I am so excited to be driving to childcare to pick up my baby girl. Her little face is just the best thing to see. She’s at an age now (10 months) where she is cuddly and rests her head on my shoulder (when she’s not trying to pull my hair and eat my nose). So adorable. Ah.

When I was pregnant, everyone told me that children grow up so quickly and it’s so true. Elka is already turning into her own little character and is only a couple of months away from turning 1. Time seems to have flown past! Part of me wants to halt time and keep her cute and little forever, while part of me can’t wait to see the woman she becomes. But for the time being, I’ve decided that the rate of her growth and developmental change is directly comparable to how dirty she is. More dirt = more adventure = more changes = more growth = more development. It may also equal more washing, but hey, that’s what husbands are for right?