Albert Greenfields Reserve is a nice little park nestled in Ridleyton just off Torrens Road. This playground is suitable for toddlers and above. There is a good variety of equipment, half court basketball court and lots of grass for the kids to run around, dance on or kick the ball. We grabbed a coffee from the nearby coffee shop, sat under a tree on a park bench and enjoyed watching the kids play.

The equipment features lots of climbing or swinging pieces ranging from monkey bars, to a metal ropes course, mini rock climbing and different staircases suited to different ages. It features two slippery dips. One for the toddlers to easy access, and one bright blue curly slide. There is a nest swing along with another swing set that caters for the little ones with a baby seat. We loved the spinning pole along with the mini sea-saw.

Albert Greenfields is a quaint little playground that is half fenced protecting the kids from the main road. It has shade over the next swings. Car park, BBQ area and toilets available. A few local coffee shops or bakeries near by. The reserve also has a separate, fully fenced dog park for the 4 legged family members to have a run around in.