Sometimes it can be really hard to find the time to exercise and stay fit and healthy when you have little ones to take care of. That’s why we LOVE a good Mums & Bubs class, a Women’s fitness classes, parents and bubs yoga, running groups or stroller exercise groups we’ve got some of Adelaide’s best options below.

Rauform Pilates

At Rauform we believe Pilates and fitness classes should be a wonderful experience for all. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you’ll find a safe and welcoming place at Rauform’s brand-new studio, conveniently located in Walkerville. You’ll also have support from Sandy, the owner and chief cheerleader at Rauform Pilates and Fitness and the whole warm and friendly Rauform community.

Rauform provides a range of affordable and unique class packs that provide more time to use them compared to other studios, because everyone could do with more flexibility in their lives, not less. Plus, Rauform have Pre & Post Natal classes and they have created a range of Fusion sessions because they know that sometimes to stay motivated, we all need to mix things up every now and then.

So why not take advantage of Rauform’s current intro offer exclusive to new customers only, where you can grab 5 classes for $50 and get 1 class free!

For more information or to book you can visit Rauform’s website here:

Surfing Mums

Love parenting but miss time on your own in the ocean? Then you may have just found the perfect group for you!

With over 40 chapters all around Australia, South Australia’s very first Surfing Mums chapter was launched late last year in Moana.  Meeting at 9.30 on Mondays in Moana (SLSC carpark end), participants meet where we buddy up and swap time in the water whilst children enjoy supervised play. You are welcome to come as you are so if you are an expert or even an absolute beginner, you can surf, SUP or body board until your hearts content.

If you’ve always wanted to try surfing but haven’t quite done it yet (often because of the limitation of kids) then what an EPIC way to start the year off with potentially a new skill!

The say it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes parenting takes a village too. Consider Surfing Mums as a salty, seaside enclave of parents swapping child-minding duties to enable each other to regain their surfing mojo, one surf swap at a time.

Surfing Mums is a not-for-profit that was found in 2008 and is only $52 a year which covers public liability, equipment purchase etc.

For more information and to sign up for membership,  check out
And for any questions about the Moana group, email Moana group coordinator Melissa at

Villagehood Australia

Villagehood Australia is a Registered Charity and Incorporated Association that brings Adelaide mums together though activities, parenting programs & support with the aim to improve their health & wellbeing.

  • Programs to help improve your mental wellbeing and build a secure relationship with your child(ren) 
  • Bubs Friendly Pilates for mums in Adelaide with a soft play area for babies & toddlers
  • Mindful Singing Group to connect and sing along together
  • Casual coffee catch ups to help you connect with other Mums in Adelaide and build your village.
    A break to allow yourself some guilt-free “me time” 

Take a look at the “mum programs” available here

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