Choosing to put your kids into child care is a BIG decision! Then the next big decision – which Early Learning Centre is best for your child and family? There is a lot to take into consideration, such as location, size, fees, are meals provided, staff and just the “feel” of the place… choosing an Early Learning Centre is certainly something you get a gut feel about, right? There are heaps of great child care & Early Learning Centres across Adelaide to choose from. You can rest easy, knowing your bundle of joy will be well cared for, have a rich educational experience and best of all, HAVE FUN once you have chosen your perfect Centre.

Have a look below for some great Early Learning Centres and child care options all over Adelaide.

Kozy Kids Childcare Glenside & Golden Grove

At Kozy Kids “We don’t just fit in, we stand out” has been our motto since 2017 when we opened our first service. We aim to be not only the leader for the industry but the standard that is aspired to.

 At Kozy Kids we are committed to providing high quality care. We have a strong belief that children need to feel secure in a new environment which is why we implement primary caring at both our centres (Glenside and Golden Grove). Primary carers are mentored and trained to engage in responsive and meaningful interactions with children to build trusting relationships which support each child to feel secure, confident, and included.

While child care centres are typically group care environments primary caring ensures that there is a carer specifically focussed on caring for each child who uses their understanding of that child’s individual needs, capabilities and interests to maximise their learning and development. We want families to have a place where they can feel secure about leaving their child knowing the educators care about their child as an individual. We want children to have fun in their learning, be curious, ask questions and most importantly feel safe, respected and valued.

At Kozy Kids we offer:

  • Universal access program to enhance children’s transition to school
  • Primary caring to ensure personalised care for each child
  • Nutritional meals provided by our onsite chef each day
  • Engagement with technology with Smartboards within kindy rooms
  • Storypark is an app we use to keep families updated on their child throughout the day
  • Highly trained educators are trained in First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis management
  • Qualified teacher to lead the curriculum  and pedagogical leader to mentor all staff
  • Safe and secure access with pin entry
  • Open and bright spaces for children to learn in
  • Free orientation for enrolled children before they start care

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Goodstart Early Learning

Goodstart Early Learning provides high-quality early learning and care for children from six weeks to school age in a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment.

Their qualified educators help your child grow, develop and learn through intentional and inspiring play-based learning experiences.

They understand that every family’s needs are different, which is why they offer flexible hours, nutritious meals and snacks, and regular communication and updates about your child’s progress.

They’re for children, not for profit, so they can put children, families and communities at the heart of everything they do.

They offer:
• Early learning and care from six weeks to school age
• Preschool program led by a qualified Teacher
• Nappies, wipes and sunscreen supplied
• Nutritious meals prepared by a qualified Cook

With more than 50 centres across SA, they have the perfect learning environment for your child, no matter where you are located.

Find your local centre:

Woodville Little Learners

Welcome to Woodville Little Learners where your most precious people are our priority. You can find this centre in the leafy suburb of Woodville, nestled on the first floor above the medical centre. This purpose built early learning centre is a state of the art facility with a commercial kitchen, acoustic ceilings, open plan design with spacious outdoor deck and ambient relaxation zones.

As well as the physical environment, at Woodville Little Learners a lot of emphasis is placed on the soul of the centre; providing a warm, nurturing environment, promoting a sense of belonging; trusting, respectful and reciprocal relationships and spontaneous meaningful interactions.

The Kindergarten program has a strong focus on school readiness through emotional and social development and the understanding of how each individual child learns.

The team welcomes you to tour this amazing space and learn more about the thorough enrolment process. This journey is taken together to ensure your child transitions into our care feeling safe, secure and supported.

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Green Leaves Early Learning

Green Leaves Early Learning specialises in the fundamental stages of educational development, from babies through to kindergarten (6 weeks through to 6 years). With a purpose to provide early education and care that exceeds traditional standards, Green Leaves provide high quality facilities and education programs facilitated by a qualified team of experienced and passionate educators in the communities they operate in.

Upon entering these centres, families are welcomed into the parent lounge where they can connect with other families, and educators over barista coffee and freshly baked treats from the centre’s in-house chef. The open-plan learning hubs are built with intent to provide children with numerous opportunities for play-based learning, where inquisitive minds can thrive.

With the belief that children are unique and so are their learning journeys, the programs at Green Leaves are age-appropriate, flexible, and customised to suit each child’s knowledge, interests, culture, abilities, and strengths. This ensures that children are nurtured throughout their early years with care, encouragement, and respect while developing a love for lifelong learning.

As part of Green Leaves’ all-inclusive fees, the children also participate in incursions and excursions, such as yoga sessions, chef-led culinary lessons, language lessons, bush kinder, music and movement classes, just to name a few.

Green Leaves Early Learning welcome families to pop in for a coffee and tour to experience the Green Leaves difference for themselves.

Contact your local Green Leaves to arrange your visit or register online today.

Busy Bees at Gilles Plains

Busy Bees Early Learning provides high-quality childcare and exciting learning opportunities to give your child the best start in life. Their beautifully designed childcare centre in Gilles Plains is the ideal setting for your child to begin their learning journey. They deliver a stimulating child-centred educational curriculum that will engage your child’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder.

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to explore, discover, challenge themselves, and most importantly, have fun! There are five learning spaces covering every stage of your child’s development and journey.

At Busy Bees at Gilles Plains, your child will benefit from:

  • Fully funded preschool program led by two Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • A holistic curriculum designed to support school readiness while nurturing thoughtful, understanding and tolerant young citizens
  • A qualified chef who prepares nutritionally balanced meals daily
  • Beautifully designed learning spaces and natural outdoor environments

Discover the Busy Bees difference, book a tour today!

Busy Bees at Kilburn

You will find a warm and nurturing learning environment at Busy Bees at Kilburn. Their purpose-built facilities are filled with educational play space and trusted Educators who are dedicated to encouraging your child to grow. Their philosophy focuses on the discovery and exploration of respectful relationships with children. The child-led learning programs provide exciting opportunities and challenges for children to play and develop whilst helping each child to move at their own pace, in their own way.

At Busy Bees at Kilburn, you will find a team of experienced and qualified Educators and Teaching Practitioners who are passionate about giving every child the best start in life. And we love that their qualified chef prepares healthy and delicious meals for the children every day.

At Busy Bees at Kilburn, your child will benefit from:

  • High-quality Early Learning from six weeks to five years
  • Architecturally designed indoor and outdoor spaces to ignite children’s sense of curiosity and discovery
  • Unique Atelier art workshop to encourage your child’s creativity
  • High standards for safety, care and wellbeing.

Discover the Busy Bees difference, book a tour today!

Busy Bees at Noarlunga Downs

Busy Bees Early Learning offers a premium standard of childcare and early learning in Noarlunga Downs. Their welcoming Service offers a child-centred curriculum and exciting learning opportunities designed to support your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

Busy Bees at Noarlunga Downs offers six different learning spaces for children from birth to five years. Their qualified Educators are passionate about giving every child the best start in life and focus on creating a nurturing and responsive relationship with children so that each child has a solid foundation to explore the big world around them.

At Busy Bees at Noarlunga Downs, your child will benefit from:

  • A discover and play-based educational approach
  • Beautifully designed indoor and outdoor learning spaces
  • High standards for safety, care and wellbeing
  • Nutritionally balanced meals provided daily

Discover the Busy Bees difference, book a tour today!

Busy Bees at Smithfield Plains

Busy Bees at Smithfield Plains welcomes you with thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor learning spaces where children have plenty of opportunities to explore, discover, challenge themselves and ignite their curiosities. Their passionate educators guide a stimulating, child-centred curriculum that will extend your child’s sense of curiosity and build their self-esteem as a learner.

With five different learning spaces, every stage of your child’s development and journey is catered for with Busy Bees’ qualified Educators and Teaching Practitioners passionate about giving every child the best start in life.

At Busy Bees at Smithfield Plains, your child will benefit from:

  • A fully funded Kindergarten program to make your child’s transition to school successful
  • Child-led curriculum designed to build confident and active learners
  • A holistic approach to education that combines school readiness with learning experiences that foster your child’s social and emotional development.

Learn more about the Busy Bees different and book a tour today!

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