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Does your child love making up their own plays to perform? Maybe they turn anything around the house into an instrument or they have shown a talent for art? Whether it is drama, art or music that your child is drawn to, getting them involved in a class is a great way to improve their skills, build confidence and make new friends. We have a range of tuition options all over Adelaide that will nurture their creative side and give them opportunities to perform and create. Whether your child is interested in music, drama or art as a career path or just want to have a bit of fun, there is a class in Adelaide that will suit them.

Getting your kids into music, art or drama classes also has a range of benefits you may not have even considered. Music is closely linked to maths with the use of patterns, rhythms and beats. In art classes as well as learning to draw, paint and create, they will also learn delayed gratification, fine motor skills and critical thinking. Drama classes for kids and teens open up a range of opportunities such as acting for the stage or screen, along with back of house skills such as directing, lighting, costumes and make up. 

Have a look at the businesses below that offer music, drama and art classes for pre-schoolers, primary students and teens. You will find encouraging teachers, learn at home options and a most of all, places where kids can learn and have FUN! 

Kids Drama Classes in Adelaide

Here our our top picks for drama and theatre classses for kids in Adelaide. There are options for stage or screen acting, behind the scenes opportunities, musical theatre and more. Find a children’s drama class or theatre school near you and you could be seeing them perform on stage, on screen, or just in the loungeroom before you know it! 

National Institute of Dramatic Art

Explore your creativity with NIDA’s Adelaide term classes. Designed specifically for children and young people, NIDA offers a fun and supportive learning environment that unlocks creative potential and builds confidence.

Term classes require no previous experience, you can join any class at the beginning of any term. Adelaide classes include Acting, Acting on Screen and Drama for grades 4–12.

NIDA Open are giving childrenyoung people  in Adelaide the opportunity to engage in a variety of term classes in acting to unlock their creative potential and build their confidence.

Each term the focus is on a specific area of performance practice to ensure students have a varied experience and learn a range of essential creative skills.

In term 3, the Acting on Screen class for grades 8–10 focuses on Scenes of the Strange and Eccentric: work in a group to write, film, and star in a scene of contrasting shades, inspired by Tim Burton’s gothic and endearing characters. Explore the dark and light sides of other-worldliness and create a memorable lone-hero for cinematic history.

Theatre Bugs

At Theatre Bugs, children learn skills in dance, singing and drama. They learn to trust their ideas, develop perseverance, empathise with others, work with peers to achieve a common goal and feel confident in their abilities. They will also develop the confidence they need to tackle the unexpected, challenging and exciting situations that they may face within life.

Theatre Bugs has a wide range of classes carefully designed for preschool and primary school-aged children. You can be confident that your child is learning to act, sing and dance in a professional, supportive, nurturing environment.

Theatre Bugs offers a wide range of classes for pre-schoolers from Busy Bees 1-3yrs, where parents/caregivers participate in the class with their child, to independent styles like Boppy Bugs, Fairy Ballet and Butterfly Ballet, for 3-5yrs.

Children discover something new and exciting inside the Surprise Box each week. Fun props, dress ups, drama games, movement to music or dance routines, singing, musical or percussion instruments are part of the fun while children explore exciting, dramatic adventures. The 3-5yrs preschool classes perform in a mini-musical in terms 2 and 4 at their usual class venue.

Wings2Fly Junior

Wings2Fly Theatre is an educational youth theatre based in Adelaide and created in 2017. It is the only youth theatre company in Adelaide to run solely in school holidays (not weekly classes) and produce straight plays – not musical theatre. They are all about supporting young actors and giving them the opportunity to gain practical professional knowledge of the theatre and stagecraft in general, while making new friends in a nurturing environment.

Wings2Fly rehearse and perform three major productions each year – during April, July & October school holidays for students aged 10-21 years. Each production has individual auditions, half day read through (which includes costume call, professional headshot photography and lunch), five full days of rehearsal, followed by two days of performances. They also offer a 3-day Junior program for students in years 1-5. It is about giving young actors a taste of professional theatre, the expectation and the intensity of creating characters and live theatre, the thrill of the lights and the effect of the applause.

Auditions for the October production are coming up on August 15th and is open to any young South Australian actor aged 10-21. Michelle and Alicia from Wings2Fly Theatre are thrilled to announce fully funded confidential scholarships for both programs are available, thanks to the Jeffery family, LR&M Constructions, Adelaide Theatre & More and the Jonathan Arts Centre. Each scholarship includes all tuition fees, t-shirt or hoodie and tickets to one of the performances.

Further information can be found on their website

Holden Street Theatres, 34 Holden Street Hindmarsh
Facebook @wings2flytheatre
Instagram @wings2flytheatre

Kids Music Classes in Adelaide

We have found music classes that you can enrol your child in from just two years old! Whether they are just starting to learn about beat and rhythm or whether your child is keen to learn an instrument, look no further than some of our top picks for kids music lessons. You can enrol in private lessons, group lessons or even online lessons – there’s a kids music class for your child here! 

Yamaha Music Education

Yamaha Music Education provides courses designed for a broad range of students, including children, youths, and adults, from beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of music ability. Since launching almost 50 years ago, Yamaha Music Education Australia continues to embody Yamaha’s internationally designed curriculum and bringing out a child’s potential by nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.

The world of music is at your children’s fingertips, in a warm and fun learning atmosphere, you and your child will explore music together through singing, movement and using instruments in age-appropriate activities. We will take you on an exciting journey each lesson, you’ll be dancing with animals, rowing boats, and flying kites. It is truly a magical and fun experience to be had!

Yamaha Music Education embodies three main focuses, timely education, group lessons and a comprehensive music education. It is Yamaha’s principal belief that while children physically and mentally develop they naturally enjoy and absorb music, it is important that the education they receive is age appropriate and sequential. Children can share a greater joy of music by learning together with other children. Playing in ensemble with friends allows them to have an enjoyable experience and deepen their understanding of music.

Music Lessons With Rose: Interactive Learning for all Ages!

Early learning in music from a whole new angle – innovative, creative & completely unique!

‘Toddler Tap Time’ is a class purpose designed for teaching early learners about music theory and knowledge, with a fun, active and memorable class design:

  • Ages 2 – 4
  • Active, fun & colourful!
  • ‘Come & Try’ first time Free!
  • New topic each week (+ revision weeks)
  • Full program over 2 terms
  • Activity /log book to track attendance and continue learning at home
  • Sing original songs at home via our website
  • Give your child the benefit of early music education

If learning is fun, learning is maximised!

With 10 years of teaching behind this class, it’s been tailored just for your toddler’s needs!

Class benefits are wide & varied 

  • Prepare: get your child familiar with small group classes prior to kindy
  • Engage: child/(adult)parent activities allow bonding
  • Musicality: enhances brain development
  • Rhythm: assists with language development
  • Activities: encourages gross coordination & fine motor skills
  • Friendly: promotes open & welcoming

Head to their website for more information, or to find out about other classes on offer:

Kids Art Classes in Adelaide

In our experience, kids love nothing more than getting creative and making their own artwork. If they are showing a particular love for art, craft or building, why not enrol them in a class? It’s a great way for them to channel their creativity, learn new skills and above all, have fun! 

Urth Clay Studio

Community-based Mindful pottery classes, to help create a happy place for people to join in, laugh, and de-stress. Dig your hands in and get dirty, use mindfulness, and be immersed in the experience. Enjoy the moment and create a piece of work, whether it be a pot, sculpture, or a smiley face. Urth Clay studio offer a one-off pottery session for the whole family where you can book your ticket online and join in a creative mindful process of creating and designing your own ceramic pice, they also offer term classes for kids Teens, and adults. private Mindful pottery parties.

Find out more at

Resilient Kicks - Inclusive Art Therapy

At Resilient Kicks, their inclusive group Art Therapy provides children at all skill level the opportunity to be a part of an inclusive art program that fosters not only creativity but also wellbeing. Their inclusive art program has proven to be an incredibly beneficial initiative for children living with disability, developmental delays and emotional regulation challenges with break through results evident.

Art Therapy is proven as an effective therapeutic approach to counselling that aims to foster mental health, wellbeing and healing for children via enjoyable activities including art, movement, play, sound, sandplay, poetry and storytelling.

 Each session is run by their warm and genuine qualified Art Therapist with the support of their support workers to give your child the support they need to encourage participation, social interaction and skill development.

  • Evidence-based psychotherapy program
  • Engaging and playful form of counselling
  • Increase social interaction & community participation
  • Foster mental health, wellbeing and resilience
  • Foster mental health, wellbeing and healing
  • Inclusive to all and at any skill level
  • NDIS funding accepted

Sign up at or call  0870801374

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