Here’s a list of kids music, drama and art classes available in Adelaide and regional S.A

National Institute of Dramatic Art

Explore your creativity with NIDA’s Adelaide term classes. Designed specifically for children and young people, NIDA offers a fun and supportive learning environment that unlocks creative potential and builds confidence.

Term classes require no previous experience, you can join any class at the beginning of any term. Adelaide classes include Acting, Acting on Screen and Drama for grades 4–12.

NIDA Open are giving childrenyoung people  in Adelaide the opportunity to engage in a variety of term classes in acting to unlock their creative potential and build their confidence.

Each term the focus is on a specific area of performance practice to ensure students have a varied experience and learn a range of essential creative skills.

In term 3, the Acting on Screen class for grades 8–10 focuses on Scenes of the Strange and Eccentric: work in a group to write, film, and star in a scene of contrasting shades, inspired by Tim Burton’s gothic and endearing characters. Explore the dark and light sides of other-worldliness and create a memorable lone-hero for cinematic history.

Syncopate Studios - Music Lessons in Your Loungeroom!

Learn a musical instrument, with your own professional tutor, from home.

Syncopate Studios offers online private tuition on a huge range of instruments for students of all ages and abilities, as well as song writing and music theory lessons and workshops.

Our experienced, dynamic tutors cater to the particular learning needs and styles of each student, with the aim of helping students develop a love of music; and then work with them to achieve their goals, whether that be preparing for music exams, developing technique, learning their favourite songs, or learning an instrument for the very first time. Alongside tuition and our band management services, we also offer a selection of recommended music method and solo books, as well as sheet music and music accessories.

We at Syncopate pride ourselves on excellence in education, and developing a love of music in students through making learning enjoyable.

Visit our website at for further information

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