Adelaide is lucky to have a number of outstanding Independent, Private and Catholic schools. Whether you are looking for all boys, all girls or co-ed, you are sure to find a private school in Adelaide to suit your child – after all, where to send your child to school is a huge decision!

Some private schools in Adelaide have classes from Reception to Year 12 (or some even from birth with on-site Early Learning Centres), some are only Primary Schools and some are only High Schools. You’ll find Adelaide private schools that specialise in specific learning areas, have amazing extra-curricular opportunities or can provide personalised support for your child through special learning programs.

Maybe you live in regional South Australia and want to send you child to a private school in Adelaide that has a boarding house attached? We have those too! Most of all, everyone wants to send their child to a school where they will be supported, nurtured and encouraged in their learning. Have a look below for some of our top picks of Adelaide private schools.

St Raphael’s School, Parkside

St Raphael’s School is a place to learn and belong. We believe students are at their best when they can articulate, reflect on, and have agency in their learning. Our quality learning programs include multi-sensory literacy and a numeracy program which enables intellectual stretch and challenge. Our passionate staff nurture and support our learners to be well-rounded socially active citizens, who lead positive change for the world God desires.

 “We work hard to create an environment where we develop the whole child, to lead positive change for the world God desires.” Mia Harms, Principal

 Principal Mia Harms shares the top three reasons our families choose us:

  • Our warm community makes children feel safe and valued.
  • Our staff know the children personally, and ensure academic success.
  • Our expectations on behaviour, strong social skills, and respect to all members of the community are valued.

 We want the children in our care, to be the very best that they can be. When our students leave us to take the next step in their education, we want them to be confident, kind, happy individuals. We are proud of our co-educational school from Reception to Year 6, on bustling Glen Osmond Road in Parkside and would love to welcome you on a tour. We can’t wait to meet you!

Click here to find out more or book a Principal’s Tour. 

Nazareth Catholic Community

Nazareth Catholic Community is a place of welcome and connection; a place where everyone belongs. Our aim is to engage with families across the whole-of-life journey. From precious newborns through to wise seniors, and everyone in between, we are creating communities of faith, learning and wellbeing.

 Spanning across multiple campuses and sites on Kaurna land in the western suburbs of Adelaide, Nazareth Catholic Community incorporates an Early Childhood Centre, Reception to Year 12 College, and a variety of community engagement programs.

 We provide learning that is holistic, inclusive, lifegiving, and lifelong. Our promise is that students will find their chosen pathway and graduate knowing they matter absolutely, have the power to make the world a better place and influence positive change.

 Families are at the heart of our faith and learning environment and we are committed to building community through nourishing family life. It’s not just students who get to experience what Nazareth has to offer, as we coordinate a range of programs and initiatives to support and celebrate all members of our community including early learners, graduates, parents, seniors and friends.

 Experience our community for yourself. For tours and enrolment, visit

Mercedes College

Mercedes College Nurturing young learners

From Reception, our International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum fosters creative and critical thinkers.

As Adelaide’s only Catholic co-educational IB world school from Reception to Year 12, we define success by academic achievement plus each student’s confidence, breadth of abilities and engagement to shape their future.

Within our nurturing environment, students become knowledgeable, caring and compassionate lifelong learners. This is achieved by instilling confidence and strong values so our students flourish, developing academically and socially.

At Mercedes College, we teach the Australian curriculum through the IB frameworks.

From Reception to Year 5, we introduce enquiry-based learning through our IB Primary Years Programme, then from Year 6 to Year 10 students study our IB Middle Years Programme. This provides a strong learning foundation for each student.

In the Junior School early childhood learning is positive, giving students the confidence and motivation for continued success, with young learners also encouraged to discover, explore, play, create and express themselves.

With limited places, take a tour or enrol today.

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