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Autumn in Adelaide


Adelaide Autumn Top Spots

Autumn is pretty much the perfect season. It’s still warm enough to be out & about & sometimes still warm enough to visit all of the pools & water play spots we talked about in our Summer In Adelaide post! But as the leaves change colour, it does start to cool down which makes it the perfect time for some family adventures! Have a look at the list below & start planning your Autumn in Adelaide days out! Visit Mt Lofty...

What's on in Adelaide

Some of The Best of Adelaide for Kids

Camping spots within 2 hours drive from Adelaide

Camping near Adelaide: top spots for a holiday Camping is such a great family experience. You don’t have to be a Leyland Brother loaded up with expensive equipment to do it either. You don’t need a 4WD, you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a lot of time you just need to make the decision to do it!Next step is to make sure you’ve got your camping “essentials”. I wrote a post last year about...

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Top 10 Things to do with Toddlers in Adelaide

Toddlers are busy, toddlers are fun, when they throw a tantrum you’ll just want to run! Toddlers can be hard work, but can also be SO MUCH fun. Give them the right space and it’s so entertaining (and also very important) to just let them free and watch them learn, experience, climb, run, fall, work out and try again. Finding that safe space can be tricky though and a fully fenced playground, shallow spot for a splash on a hot day, a cafe with a...

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Adelaide’s Best Donut

Our team at Kids in Adelaide are passionate about World Donut Day. Nobody hates a donut (especially not kids, or Tim). Possibly the most important food in our South Australian economy, demonstrated regularly when referencing any country town by the quality of the bakery before anything else. Also every bakery lives or dies by its donuts. Case closed. Donuts are King. SO, the first Friday in June is International Donut Day (or doughnut for the...

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Adelaide’s Best Cookies and Biscuits

This one is for the cookie and biscuit lovers! Brace your taste buds for a rollercoaster of flavour because the Kids in Adelaide team have done the hard yards just in time for World Cookie Day, December 4th, thanks for asking, to uncover Adelaide’s best sugar wizards. You know, the ones turning dough into pure magic. We have been on a mission to prove that Adelaide isn’t just famous for its festivals, hills and wine; we’ve got...

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FREE things to do In Adelaide With Kids

What’s more appealing than keeping the kids busy, happy and active these holidays!?  When it’s all FREE!! If you’re like most parents in Adelaide, you will get half way through these school holidays and be struggling to work out how to keep the little minions occupied until they go back to school. If you’re like me, you want to do it without spending a fortune. I love hanging out with my kids, don’t get me...

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Best Fish & Chips in Adelaide

FISH AND CHIPS. Who doesn’t love it? Whether it’s fish & chips at the beach on a hot night, or something to warm you up in winter, you really can’t go past the local fish & chip shop. Battered, crumbed, grilled or deep fried, there is just something about unwrapping the paper to reveal a delicious piece of fresh fish, being gently hugged by crispy hot chips. But fish & chip shops are so much more that just fish...

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Best Waterfalls To Visit With Kids

Sure, TLC said “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls”… but we doubt they ever saw any of the waterfalls we have here in Adelaide – some only a short drive from the city and a bunch that are perfect for visiting with kids. If you are looking for a free family outing in Winter or Spring, why not take a drive and go exploring our beautiful waterfalls? Kids are mad for them (there is something a bit magical about them!),...

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Best Sushi in Adelaide (for kids)

Welcome to the ultimate sushi adventure in Adelaide, where even the pickiest little eaters will become sushi enthusiasts! Either that or they will continue to ask for sushi with no seaweed like my kids. Rice, my kids say they eat sushi but basically they just eat rice. However at Kids in Adelaide, we’ve embarked on a mission to uncover the city’s best sushi spots that cater specifically to kids (and their discerning taste buds). Prepare for a...

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(Not So) Secret Swimming Spots in S.A

Ahhh summer in South Australia. The perfect time to pack up the car & head to one of our many beautiful beaches, lakes or springs for a swim. We have dived in (see what I did there?) to find the best spots to cool off. No matter the age or swimming level of your kids there is sure to be somewhere in the list below that is perfect for your family. There are beaches that are perfect for boogie boards, rockpools to discover our marine life,...

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Adelaide’s Best Milkshakes & Crazy Shakes

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard……..ok, no it doesn’t, but some of these beauties might! The Kids in Adelaide team are partial to a milkshake and we have dropped a list of our favourite Adelaide (and beyond) rich, frothy, cold, flavoured dairy milk delights. From the humble traditional milkshake at Cheffy Chelbys in the south, to the best of the Barossa. We found thickshake heaven in the south and fancy schmanc-ey milkshakes in the...

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Kids in Adelaide is a fun and easy way to find all the information on things to do with kids in Adelaide. We do the hard work for you, finding all the best playgrounds, cafes, events and activities for families young and old and keep you informed of any new or exciting things to do! Our mission is to be the online resource for all Adelaide parents and carers, bringing you a wealth of valuable, up-to-date information. As parents, and soon to be parents, of kids in Adelaide ourselves, we strive to bring the best information on what to do and where to go in Adelaide. We know the small, secret and new places that our great city houses and want to share them with you and we want to link you with all the best places, businesses, events and products available here in South Australia. We are all about supporting local businesses and families and we love our community.

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