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Halloween in Adelaide

Halloween in Adelaide

Halloween will spook Adelaide this year on Saturday the 31st of October, which is also going to be a full moon! Extra spooky! Love it or loathe it the Halloween tradition is bigger than ever this year in Adelaide with a number of spooky events happening for all ages and scare levels. Check out the calendar below for all the best Halloween events happening this October.
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Halloween Events in Adelaide. If we’ve missed your event click here to list it with us for FREE!

The Best Streets for Trick or Treat in Adelaide

Please make sure to only knock on houses displaying a Trick or Treaters welcome sign. Be respectful to those not wanting to participate.

 Trick or Treat Ettiquette – The scary seven

  1. Halloween is not compulsory. If you hate it, and you don’t want to participate that’s more than fine. Turn your front light off and post a friendly note on the door letting people know not to knock. Just don’t poo poo on the people who think it’s fun (like us)
    Download the SAPOL Yes to trick or treat poster here
    Download the SAPOL No to trick or treat poster here
  2. As above, please respect those houses not participating and please remember your manners!
  3. Kids, please trick or treat in a group. It’s way more fun and way more safe!
  4. Let’s tone down the sex and turn up the scare for the costumes. Try and be an example for the kids, flash the peeling zombie skin coming off your face rather than boobs and bums!
  5. Offer wrapped lollies and chocolates. A bowl of unwrapped lollies with a thousand kiddy hands passing through it is a whole nightmare of it’s own.
  6. Go easy on the healthy “treats” It’s trick or TREAT not trick or sultana.
  7. Have fun! Don’t feel pressure to buy the most expensive costume – have fun making one at home

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  1. Sarah

    Halloween is Tuesday not Monday 🙂

    • Zoe trebeck

      Halloween is the last day in October (31st) which is a Thursday this year (today)


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