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My family does dress up. We all love it. Book Week, fancy dress parties and ESPECIALLY Halloween, it’s our thing (OK maybe it’s mostly MY thing…..but anyway) Last year we walked like egyptians, this year because it’s going to be a full moon, it’s GOT to be werewolves!!

Halloween doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on buying complete costumes though. Take a look around your house and see what you can use as a base, add the right accessories and you’re sorted!
And parents, this means YOU TOO! The kids will love seeing you dressed up too and you can all go Trick or Treating together! Why not get a group of friends or family together and have a Halloween party this year! FUN!

Here’s some ideas I found online that the whole family can get into.

Take a black pair of leggings, pants or shorts and a black tshirt. Add a set of bat wings and you’re the bat family! (Wings $15.99) >> Click here to buy online

Dress up in ALL the colours you can find. Add an awesome mask and you’re Day of the Dead family! Masks from $6 >> Click here to buy online

Throw on your sports uniform. Add some Zombie Blood and you’re the zombie sports team! Actually you can zombify pretty much any outfit with the right make up and accessories >> Click here to buy online

Halloween wouldn’t be right without a vampire! Black pants + white shirt + cape + fangs + a bit of fake blood. Too easy! This adults cape is only 27 bucks, and the kids one is under 10!

If quick, easy and delivered to your doorstep is more your style there’s HUNDREDS of kids Halloween costumes on the website. The hardest part is choosing! Take a look here

Like it or loathe it, Halloween is growing in popularity every year with more and more kids dressing up and trick or treating the streets. This year it falls on Thursday October 31. Just remember. Halloween is not compulsory. If you hate it, and you don’t want to participate that’s more than fine. Turn your front light off and post a friendly note on the door letting people know not to knock. Just don’t poo poo on the people who think it’s fun (like us)

For more info about what’s on in Adelaide for Halloween this year and our scary seven rules for Halloween visit the link below or click here