Sure, TLC said “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls”… but we doubt they ever saw any of the waterfalls we have here in Adelaide – some only a short drive from the city and a bunch that are perfect for visiting with kids. If you are looking for a free family outing in Winter or Spring, why not take a drive and go exploring our beautiful waterfalls? Kids are mad for them (there is something a bit magical about them!), we all know how good nature is, plus most waterfalls are found at the end of a walking trail, so you’ll be getting in a bit of exercise too! So check out the below Adelaide waterfall spots, load the kids into the car and make a day of it – best experienced after a bit of rain, so plan your trip accordingly!

Looking for a family-friendly walk that DOESN’T involve a waterfall? Check out our Kid Friendly Bush Walks here. Don’t forget to tag Kids In Adelaide in your photos…

Waterfall Gully

It would be remiss of us not to include Waterfall Gully straight up! Are you even from Adelaide if you haven’t made the trek from Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty on a Sunday morning? This is one of the most reliable waterfall spots in Adelaide & it’s a two for one! A short walk from the carpark, you’ll find First Falls. This is a great option if you have really young kids who might not cope with too much walking.

If your kids are up for a bit of a challenge however, head up the hill to Second Falls – it’s only a short detour from the main Mount Lofty hike trail, so you can make the choice whether to head back to the car or keep going all the way up to Mount Lofty.

(By the way, did you know there is a pram friendly option to get up Mount Lofty? No waterfalls but a great family-friendly option. Find it here.

Ingalla Falls

This is the PERFECT waterfall to visit with young kids. It’s only 500m return, following the creek & has picnic spots along the way.

You’ll find it in the Second Valley Forest Reserve which is around 1.5hrs drive from Adelaide. Walking SA list this trail as ‘flat’ & ‘easy’ which sounds perfect for us & our kids!

Hindmarsh Falls

A short walk is a good walk & the trail to Hindmarsh Falls certainly is that! 

Head to Hindmarsh Valley on the Fleurieu Peninsula to enjoy this one. It’s short & easy with picnic areas adjacent. 

Check out some more info here. You’re only about 15mins from Victor Harbor so why not make a day of it & go whale watching in winter too?

Morialta Falls

Three Falls Grand Hike is a 7.3 km journey that takes in the three waterfalls in Morialta Conservation Park. It’s an epic hike, but if the family is up for it, the rewards are worth it! If you want something a bit (or a lot) shorter however, there are several options in Morialta to suit all fitness levels & ages. 

Kids will love looking for koalas plus you can also visit the Morialta Nature Playground. 

We love this waterfall spot & are sure you will too – see our top tips for Morialta with kids here. 

Deep Creek Waterfall

This one is a permanent waterhole so even if the waterfall isn’t flowing (best to try winter or spring), you’ll at least be guaranteed to see SOME water on this 4km hike. 

This can get steep, with some steps toward the end so not pram friendly & not for young kids or the faint-hearted. But if your family are adventurers up for a challenge, then why not give it a go? 

Even if you don’t want to tackle this one, there are heaps of great walks & camping spots in Deep Creek on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Find out more here.

Mannum Waterfall

Not gonna lie….this one wasn’t flowing when we went to visit. However the scenery is stunning & the kids loved climbing on all the rocks.

It’s 3km return which doesn’t sound like a lot, but for little legs it can be a long way so pack plenty of water & snacks! There ARE toilets about 150m from the lower carpark (you can park at either the upper or lower carpark).

It’s such a pretty spot, but if you are desperate to see the waterfall flowing, we suggest waiting til there has been a fair bit of rain! Check out more here.

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