Lets just be straight up here. Climbing Mt Lofty isn’t fun. It may have been sort of fun when you were 20, but now that you are old enough to injure yourself if you sneeze too hard, we need family orientated fitness that isn’t going to end up with some sort of surgery.

Thankfully Mt Lofty-Lite is here, so you can get the fancy insta photo at the top with only half the exercise! Brilliant!

Steub Trail (named after the Cleland Conservation Park benefactor of the same name funnily enough) is a 3.8km trail which winds at a much more gentle incline from Cleland Wildlife Park right to the Mt Lofty Summit itself. We absolutely loved this trail! With a newborn baby in a pram (as well as a terrible level of fitness), the traditional waterfall gully route was not an option, so with pram in tow we took off and it was a dream.

Taking a nudge over an hour to reach the summit (took is slow with very recently post c-section crew in our party), the path is nice and wide, very well made and stable and has no insane steep parts. The bends can be a little steep but they are short and few and far between, so no issues there.

It is very well signed and there is little to no chance of getting lost. We stopped for a coffee and a snack at the summit, then after about half hour we returned back to Cleland. All up it was a 2.5hour adventure and that was really taking it easy and enjoying the day. It is open to running (bleh), mountain bikes and hikers of all ages and abilities this one, so make sure you pop up for a look! We honestly can’t wait to go back, it really is spot on for families and if we can do it with a brand spanking new born in a big old pram, then everyone can achieve insta glory at the top of the Mt Lofty Summit!

For more detailed hiking info, check out Walking SA’s info page here.