This one could just about be more of a lawn appreciation post because the lawn at this brand spanking new playground in the heart of the Seaford Meadows new development, is quite simply sensational! Hats off to whoever is in charge of the maintenance because it is 10/10….you could almost play a Test Match just about!

Now the playground itself thankfully is also really good, with equipment for the young and older kids (although the flying fox is rather high….might be for the REAL big kids this one!) We love a good climbing rope tower, which is always fun for the parents to try and race the kids to the top, as well as a swing disc (just named it….big swing circle thing) which are always fun. The trees are still growing so not a lot of natural shade, but there is some seated shade but it would be quite hot here in summer thats for sure. No toilets either sadly but a fantastic picnic spot (No BBQ or water fountain either sadly). Parking is easy enough on the side streets and it isn’t fenced, but the streets are quite quiet so no massive issues there.

All in all a really nice space here, with enough to cater for families of most ages. The lush grassed space is an absolute winner and you would expect this to be really popular for park parties with the locals.