Where: Stanley Street, Glengowie

This one will have your little crew buzzing (little bee humour there…you will see why in the pics), with this bee hive themed playground opening in May 2021. This has jumped straight into some of our favourite playgrounds, with some very unique pieces of play equipment and a real commitment to the bee theme (even if the ride on bees do look sort of like they will appear in your nightmares at some point)

Lots of shade, no toilets sadly but it is fully fenced (except for a walkway spot). We found there to be fairly limited parking and there was a BBQ. Our little ones had an absolute ball here, with so much to explore and really immerse themselves in the theme. They will actually bee-lieve they are in a hive (sorry last bee pun….promise), especially when they visit the honey shop.

It is quite a beautiful little space and one of those little hidden gems you may come across and just love. This could have been another bog standard run of the mill back street playground but they have turned into something quite special.