When it’s hot in Adelaide, it’s really bloody hot. So here are some great parks where you can find FREE shade, water, and some playground fun to keep the kids happy and the electricity bill down. As always PLEASE be very careful with your kids around water. We love kids exploring, having fun in nature and having a splash but you need to watch them at all times! And don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and wrap!

All of the places below are FREE for a cool down. If you’re looking for swimming pools and water parks – click here

Morialta Conservation Park Playground

This playground has a lovely creek running alongside of it to cool down after running around in the playground. You can explore in shallow water and look for creatures, treasure and use your imagination to build rafts and boats. The creek stretches some distance so even with many explorers you will have lots of space for this great nature play.

Tusmore Playground

The toddler pool makes this one a definite winner in summer! It’s FREE to use, lots of shade and plenty of nearby coffee spots. When the adventurers want to try a new activity you also have the creek; when there is water running through the creek (unlikely in summer but sometimes in a summer rain spell)  a great addition to the pool for some nature play. Last but not least ; when the swimmers want to hang up their towels for the day – the last of the energy can be burned at the playground !

Water play

Glenelg Foreshore Playground

Water play here can be found at the playground- and at the beach too of course! Do not forget a change of clothes and bucket and spade for this versatile space for some sand and water play and of course there is the awesome playground adjacent which mixes up the activities. Lots of shade under the veranda area to watch the kids enjoy all this playground has to offer and beware little eyes always see the Beach House as a request !

Bridgewater Mill Playground

The creek running alongside the playground is lovely. There are stepping stones to cross from one side to the other, or stop half way to say hello to the ducks.Please be especially careful and watch your kids carefully here. Take a tadpole catcher and dip in your feet too cool off in this refreshing creek!

Mosley Square Water Fountains – Glenelg

If you have not finished a day off splashing in the Mosley Square Water Fountains then well you have not truly experienced one of Adelaide’s greatest playtime experiences. Weather it is a visit after the beach to wash off the sand or a trip in itself -kids will have a ball playing amongst the fountains. There’s food within easy reach. Grab fish & chips, ice cream, or pretty much anything else and sit back and relax! Great for new little walkers too for some easy splash time!

Moonta Water Park

Splash Town in Moonta is awesome, with a tipper bucket and more. Probably more than a day trip though- but worth it! Oh and all of this is FREE! They call it a town for a reason – it is filled with things SPLASH ! Waterslides, dropping buckets and raining mushrooms! If you are on the Yorke Peninsula – you definitely need a visit to Splash Town.

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Henley Square 

Head West to Henley Square where a whole day can be spent exploring this great beach suburb in our city. The water play space itself is a large, open area where children can jump, splash and play, keeping them entertained for AGES. There’s no shade over the water play area, but there’s plenty around the edges. Along with the ground lay water play area, there’s also a funky looking shower on the edge of the square that kids love.

Playford Alive Town Park

4 separate water play areas for the kids to explore and plenty of seating nearby for parents and friends to supervise the kids while they catch up in a great location.

Got other Faves? let us know so we can add them