This one is for the cookie and biscuit lovers! Brace your taste buds for a rollercoaster of flavour because the Kids in Adelaide team have done the hard yards just in time for World Cookie Day, December 4th, thanks for asking, to uncover Adelaide’s best sugar wizards. You know, the ones turning dough into pure magic. We have been on a mission to prove that Adelaide isn’t just famous for its festivals, hills and wine; we’ve got the cookie game on lock! These bikkie virtuosos are crafting treats so delicious, even adults are trading their veggies for a cookie or two. So, whether you’re throwing a shindig, gifting a grin, or just practicing your epic tea-dunking skills, our compendium of best best cookie & biscuit artisans in Adelaide has you covered for every style and every side of Rads.

Here’s the pick of the bunch:

Naughty Nanna’s Cookies

Adelaide’s naughtiest cookies, loaded with all of the best bits! Find this shop windown on Hutt Street in the city or order online. They also make epic fat slices and our tip? Pop these bad boi’s in the microwave for thirty seconds and gobble them warm. Perfect gift for any occasion, they come boxed and ready to tuck under your arm for any event! If you are ordering online you can do that any time but best is to order on a Tuesday as they ship every Wednesday!

These are the bomb!

Find them here

Get Stuf’d

Mouth watering oversize New York Style Cookies, Lactation Cookies, Cookie Pies and more. If your day is lucky enough to see you stumble into a café that stocks these bombs of deliciousness you’ll know two things: 1. Only excellent cafes stock them and 2. You MUST buy at least a couple (one for now, one for ‘Ron…. or the kids if you’re feeling generous). We LOVE living in the age of the internet, this clever artisan has a swanky, easy to navigate website and you can literally get this goodness delivered to your door with a bit of prior planning and a few clicks. Kinda gooey and indulgent. Kinda life changing. Yep that good.  PS order heaps – they are individually wrapped, have a brilliant shelf life and you can freeze them. Know a breastfeeding Mum? This.

Find them here

The Macaron Bar

Hand made macarons like you have never seen before. They are SO bloody good they might even be my favourite thing about living in South Australia. Regular or double filled and dressed to impress, the creativity of these artisans has no limits. Find them in their hidden (and epic) little shop front at 3/4 Clement Terrace, Christies Beach or stalk one of their many loyal local stockists. Don’t want to leave home? Order your macs on line including custom orders. Seriously don’t gift a candle, gift a box of these delicate delicious feasts for the senses. Dare you not to dribble on your phone screen when you follow them on Instagram.

Find them here

Adelaide Hills Cookies

Righto, if you are in the Adelaide Hills and you want ‘Sugar Cookies’ this is your gal. Queen of a custom bake, queen of the marbled fondant and every thing in between! We actually decided to send this lot of cookies out to KiA Dad Tim and what better option to select than printing edible photos of his own face on a cookie. YOUR HEAD ON A COOKIE. YEP. You can also have embossed cookies, party cookies, wedding favours and if you ask really nicely Nicole might even make you a custom birthday cake, she’s pretty talented. Crafty and popular, so be organised – this is a hand made artisan product, not a same day delivery – I bet she already has half of next year booked! These cookies were buttery with the perfect amount of crispness and sweet as the day at home with a toddler is long. Seriously put some one you love on a cookie and they will never ever ever forget you. Please message via the Facebook page.

Find them here

Mrs D’s Cookies

These are the classics. The good old days bikkies that start with creamed butter and sugar with original and unique recipes that follow to ensure a flavour sensation that can’t be equalled. Containing only the freshest of ingredients, these beauties are fun, delicious, obviously handmade, plus they are also preservative and additive free. You will find these on counter tops of some of Adelaide favourite cafes and delis but you can also order for your kids parties, catering events, school celebrations or any excuse at all really. We particularly hunted this little team down for their smiley cookies – they are just the best! There are also some pretty nostalgic slices on offer and bakery door sales by prior arrangement are welcome.

Find them here

Kytons Bakery Cookies

It’s no secret we are long time Kytons lovers, these cookies are crisp and delicious. Perfectly made to share with friends in chocolate chip, macadamia and white chocolate, butter shortbread fingers or Christmas varieties. Try stopping at just one! The best part? Buy a sensible sized box, or buy them by the bucket! Ok that’s not as big as it sounds, but it’s pretty fun. Kytons are a South Australian owned, family run business. They are hand on heart great people and I don’t think a week goes by where we don’t see them supporting other fantastic South Australian’s. You can visit their retail bakery in Edwardstown, find them in many supermarkets and fruit and veg stores, order online or even better RUN A SCHOOL OR CLUB FUNDRAISER WITH THEM. Now, I know this is about cookies but obviously you have been under a rock if you didn’t know that Kytons make Adelaide’s most iconic Christmas Range, Hot Cross Buns and Lamingtons too!

Find them here

Lily’s Oven

Holey Kingston Biscuit! Golden crunch oat biscuits sandwiched together with a rich chocolate filling, get in my belly. These oversized home made Kingston’s are everything. There are a lot of perfect bikkies coming out of this very talented woman’s kitchen, but we fell in love with these monsters at one of Adelaide’s most on fleek new venue’s What The Croque! Café and well, we wouldn’t leave until we had the details. Now, let’s not judge KiA Dad Tim, but I think he consumed more of these than was probably entirely necessary. Seriously Some one should win Australian of the year for these. Apparently the original Kingston dates back to the early 1900’s and is actually and Australian biscuit. 

Find them here

Bean & Bikkie Co. Ginger Bread Cafe

Everyone loves gingerbread. The smell is like a magnet for the food enthusiast, drawing you in off the street like a mermaid’s song. We have long been admirers of Bean and Bikkie Co and are sad to see they are no longer in Hahndorf, however we have popped past their Beulah Park location this week (top of The Parade) and it’s nothing short of brilliant. Made on-site, by hand, using the finest locally sourced ingredients, this would have to be right up there with the best gingerbread on offer in SA. They have a huge range, which allows you to really cater your pick to your budget. We couldn’t go past these huge reindeer on a stick and thought for $7.50 it was excellent value. We love the complimentary gingerbread cookie provided with every coffee too plus you can eat here and the food is great. Make a visit here your Christmas tradition, or you know, all year around is good too. 

Find them here

Leeroy’s Cookies

Undoubtedly Adelaide’s premier cookie delivery service, offering same day cookie satisfaction. These big thikk boii’s are almost a meal. The perfectly surprising flavour combo’s this team come up with deserves some kind of award honestly because there is nothing boring about the mouth watering New York Style cookies that we sampled. Think Honey Crackle, Red Velvet & White Chocolate, Fairy Bread, Gingerbread Caramel and more…..but don’t take our word for it, check out their website. This is another example of a great easy to use www, seriously why gift any thing else? A box of cookies this good is all you will ever need!

Find them here

Cookies by Jess

Cookies By Jess, for local inner northern suburbs pick up or delivery Australia wide, may just be the prettiest, most finely detailed beautiful and delicious Sugar Cookies in Adelaide. Made with fresh ingredients and created with so much passion and love, Jess will work with you to create the perfect look and style to suit any gift or event. First birthday? Sorted. Need to impress the mother in law? Done. We were lucky to get our hands on one of her current Festive Packs, and can we just say it was almost too cute to eat, but too droolworthy not to. Yum. 
Check out all of the creative handy work on Instagram @cookiesbyjessadelaide and contact her to chat about your next event or special delivery that can’t go without cookies! 

Find them here

Heavenly Delights

This is a beautiful success story of a small South Australian mother and daughter business outgrowing their home kitchen some years ago and now operating commercially in North Adelaide. Supplying Cafe’s and counter tops, what a lot of people don’t know is that public orders are also most welcome. With an extensive range the best thing to do is scroll their functional website to find your favourites. These travel and store well and are the most professionally individually packaged cookies we have found, while still ringing true to a gorgeous hand made quality and taste. 10/10 for this product. 

Find them here

me cookie co

The only sugar cookie artist you need if you live south of Adelaide. What a talent! Megan can safely post your orders Australia wide, and local pick ups are welcome. Such a lot of time and passion goes into these hand baked and decorated works of art, make sure you have some decent lead time for your request. From christenings, to weddings, corporate events to fundraisers there are so many reasons to call on a small business with a product this good! Love the rise of the custom cookie here in Australia – so fun and so delicious and really special when something has been made just for your, to your brief. We were blown away with our little delivery.

Find them here


Not for the faint hearted and such a lot of fun. There are no boring cookies here and while my Grandma would most certainly approve of the beautiful taste and texture, she most definitely would not enjoy the rude and crude humour (sorry Gran, we are here for it!) We have used Batchface this year for custom branded cookies with our logo on them. Very profesh and fun and G rated. I’m sure you can have a clean version of these quality hand made cookies to suit kids parties and your Grandma’s morals BUT if you are feeling a bit loose, if you’re bestie needs a bit of D on the side, if you’re planning a hen’s day, divorce party or any other 18+ event I honestly don’t think there is any thing that JK won’t laugh at or would even question putting on a cookie. Her Instagram is worth a scroll and a laugh. You’ll see. 

Find them here

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