Adelaide’s Best Donut – The Never ending Search (A story by Tim)

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Donuts. Nobody hates a donut and if they do, they aren’t worth knowing anyway. Probably the most important food in our economy, shown by the fact that when referencing any country town the quality of the bakery is point number 1, and every bakery lives or dies by its donuts. Case closed. Donuts are King.

Possibly a little known fact is that the first Friday in June is International Donut Day (or doughnut for the purists). Falling slightly behind Christmas and miles ahead of Valentines Day as THE most important holiday of the calendar year, this is a great occasion to celebrate our favourite food and to also give praise to the fabulous makers of these delicious round delights….the bakeries. The supermarkets. The franchise mega bakers who produced donuts so addictive, they filled overhead lockers on all flights to Adelaide for a decade.

Our man on the ground has done the miles, eaten the good, the bad (no such thing) and the ugly to come up with a list of some of the top Donuts in our fair state. Feel free to give strong feedback advocating for places we should visit and try out. Scoring a donut is tough, and unlike some things, size doesn’t matter…..but it sort of does if it is too small.

Side note – this isn’t some insta worthy, heart attack inducing list of ridiculous donut creations where one simply adds a kit kat to a round ball of dough. The traditional choccie donut is our weapon of choice, but we will mention a spot if they also offer the enhanced variety of insta donuts!

Bradley’s Bakery

If your a local Southerner you probably already know about this little gem! But for those of you who only think the south has good beaches and nice wineries, we’re here to tell you it’s also the place to find the most delicious donuts!! Bradley’s Bakery has two stores – one at Christie’s Beach (which has just undergone a bit of a facelift) as well as a second store at Moana. These donuts are huge…. way bigger than your average donut and the perfect balance of perfect doughy heaven and delicious chocolate toppings, plus who can’t go past the sprinkles! They also do a brilliant coffee to go with your donut treat #yourwelcome

Jenny’s Bakery

Heading out to the slightly fancy Eastern suburbs means a slightly fancier bakery. As part of my daily commute, it is quite difficult to drive past Jenny’s without popping in for a treat. The donuts here are fantastic. Exquisite even. Absolutely hit the spot every single time, but what I love is the choice of a traditional choccie donut, or the huge selection of other types. The glazed is definitely on my hit list for next time. You can also order online from their website…*adds 10 donuts to cart. Order HERE

Doughnut World Delivery Boxes

Ok – not going to lie…. we have had about three of these boxes in the past year. They not only look super impressive, you have to admit – recieveing one of these is pretty fun. and we just keep on going back to them. It is as easy as jumping on line to order, they get delivered, and the receiver will have their socks blown off every time. Offering beautiful fresh product this bright creative and high quality delivery will turn all of the heads at the party or in the office. It’s a great fun gift that is just a few clicks away! Order HERE

Hungry Homer Donut Kits

 Donuts are more than just bakery visits here in Adelaide! Think outside the (donut) box – how epic is this Adelaide business offering DIY donut baking and decorating kits? It’s all sustainably package AND they donate a meal for every five kits sold. We LOVE that. Make donuts with serious bling at your next party, event, girl hang, date night or gift a kit as a beautiful creative experience. Order HERE PS did we mention it’s a local Adelaide start up? #ichoosesa

Bakery on O’Connell

An institution. An icon. Any visit to North Adelaide isn’t complete without a pit stop at the Bakery on O’Connell. We are huge fans of their donuts (to be fair we love most donuts), because quite frankly they are incredible, but you just have to try out their huge range of other bakery treats (apparently sweets other than donuts exist….who knew!) and savoury menu. Great coffee, great setting and some of the best donuts in the state. Check them out here for their massive range!

Cakeboy Donuts

 What a fantastic find this little gem was. Tucked away inside the fab Plant4 at Bowden, Cakeboy donuts is now one of my absolute fave donut places in town. You can also buy them at the IGA next door, but when Plant4 is open, pop into their stall where they bake their donuts fresh every day! That is good and all but how do they taste? Glad you asked. Incredible. I may or may not have grabbed myself a 4 pack of these delights, with my fave being the ‘Homer’, an absolute carbon copy of the most famous donut in the world, Homer’s. Can’t wait to head back here and try some more of their huge range.

Port Elliot Bakery

Having traveled to Victor for most of my life, this spot has always been a highlight on any visit….. Sadly the rest of the universe has since discovered that secret so generally it will be busier than an Aldi special buys aisle on a Saturday morning. The crowds are just nuts aren’t they! I mean the donuts are fab, but the line up usually starts at Goolway. However if you are brave enough to tackle the crowds, you will not be disappointed. Insta famous for their ‘Donut of the Month’ (think your fave musician doing a duet with your other fave musician….but replace musicians with donuts and any other dessert), they do a cracking choccie donut.

Lobethal Bakery

Lobethal is famous for their giant donuts, almost as large as your child’s head and available in chocolate & sprinkle, glazed and jam & cream! Watch your kids eyes light up (like they have never seen a donut before) as they lay in to it. Perfect for sharing, because they really are novelty sized. To ensure you are not disappointed, drop them a quick call and pre-order one as they do sell out quickly!

Salisbury Bakery

 Not a lot of choice out in the far north, so Salisbury Bakery was the recomendaiton to us to cover our northern friends. Look we will be frank here, it is no Port Elliot of Lobethal Bakery and maybe even that is a tad generous, but there is no such thing as a bad donut. Just.

Becks Bakehouse

 Growing up, hitting up the Becks Bakehouse at either Melrose Park or down at Port Noarlunga was a common sight. One of those places that you know you can trust when it comes to getting a cracking donut (or pie…..and apparently they sell bread! Who knew). Highly recommended and if the amount of tradie customers is an indication of how good a bakery is (which it is…tried and tested method!), then this is a belter. The Donuts here are top shelf. Absolute Modra-Tier of donuts.

OMG Donuts

These fabulous donuts are a slight alternative to the usual donut fare, catering to those who firstly, love a hot cinnamon donut, but also want the following……Gluten free, Wheat free, Yeast free, Nut free, Vegan, Diary free, egg free! The best thing is that they taste fantastic! They have a really varied range of flavours to try as well so make sure you pick a bunch from their selection (Make sure you pick outside your comfort zone…you won’t be disappointed!). Although they don’t have a permanent shop, you can find where they will be by following them on insta here!

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    Hi Tim, you need to head out to little Moe’s bakery in Kapunda best chocolate doughnuts around.


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