Our team at Kids in Adelaide are passionate about World Donut Day. Nobody hates a donut (especially not kids, or Tim). Possibly the most important food in our South Australian economy, demonstrated regularly when referencing any country town by the quality of the bakery before anything else. Also every bakery lives or dies by its donuts. Case closed. Donuts are King.

SO, the first Friday in June is International Donut Day (or doughnut for the purists). Falling slightly behind Christmas and miles ahead of Valentines Day as THE most important holiday of the calendar year, this is a great occasion to celebrate our favourite food and to also give praise to the fabulous makers of these delicious round delights….the bakeries.

Our team of Adelaide kids (ahem and Tim) have again done the miles last month, eaten the good, the better and the best that we can find this year, so save this post, refer back to it on your weekend drives or prior your playground dates and birthday parties! We are pretty pumped to have significantly changed our lineup this year, including sourdough options, vegan options, gluten free options and even a donut option for your dog! Not kidding.

Feel free to give strong feedback advocating for places we should visit and try out. Scoring a donut is tough, and unlike some things, size doesn’t matter…..but it sort of does if it is too small.

Imber’s Donuts Adelaide

Imber’s Donuts in Salisbury is a complete and utter game changer!

Originating from Tasmania with their popular pop-up food truck, The Candy Van, they’ve been delighting fans since 2018, and it’s easy to see why. With their creative flavours and light, airy dough, these donuts are absolutely to die for! Donut fret, we’re not exaggerating; with an extensive selection of flavours available in both filled and glazed varieties, each one more tempting than the last – Imber’s Donuts truly “takes the cake.”

Whether you’re in the mood for the creamy decadence of Vanilla Slice or satisfying your chocolate craving with the Nutella-filled delight, do yourself a solid and check out Imber’s Donuts – you won’t regret it!

Browns Barossa Donuts

Yes we did. We drove to the Barossa *just* for a dozen of these donuts and so its only right that they take pride of place at the very top of our list #deserving. Also we have been meaning to get them on our page for a good while now.

Situated on Tanunda’s bustling Murray Street, Browns Barossa Donuts reigns as arguably the best walk-up donut shop in all of South Australia, you can expect a line outside the door. There’s a wild selection of flavours, baked fresh throughout the day plus good quality coffee to wash them down with. You can pick up in-store or dine in.

Some of our favourite flavours include Apple Cinnamon Custard Crumble, Biscoff Cheesecake and Not Happy Jam — our mouths are still watering.

Bake Bakery

With two locations, Coromandel Valley and Seacliff Park, it’s easier than ever to get to this absolute gem of a bakery. Known well for their overwhelming cabinets and their delish Donuts and CRONUTS that should never be overlooked. We picked up an assorted box of twelve last week and they ranged from more simple to down right fancy. These tasted every bit as good as they looked. There was a great selection of really fun decorated donuts especially for kids that would make a cute birthday gift or birthday cake even!

Cakeboy Donuts

*Rumoured to be opening in a second location by the beach*

What a fantastic find this little gem is. Adelaide’s best vegan donuts? 100% and you wouldn’t even know it. Tucked away inside the very popular Plant4 at Bowden, Cakeboy donuts has been a favourite of ours for a few years running now. You can also buy them at the IGA next door, but when Plant4 is open, pop into their stall where they bake their donuts fresh every day! That is good and all but how do they taste? Glad you asked. Incredible. I may or may not have grabbed myself a 4 pack of these delights, with my fave being the ‘Homer’, an absolute carbon copy of the most famous donut in the world, Homer’s. Can’t wait to head back here and try some more of their huge range.

Lu’s Lucky Treats (for dogs)

When we found this brilliant little biz recently at the Dream Big Family Weekend Kids Market, we had to have a chat, take a snap and include their doggy donuts for your four legged pal. (There was definitely temptation to stich Tim up and send him a box to try, but we thought better of it). Too cute and we love to go out of our way to celebrate and support a good young entrepreneur story. Find these guys on social media, because they seem to pop up at events every where!

Butter & Toast Sourdough Donuts

Find these sourdough wizards on Melbourne Street North Adelaide. Light and fluffy this indulgent donut sits well in your gut and while you might argue that the stereotypical donut consumer may not be too concerned with gut health, this allows a great number of people who might not ordinarily digest a donut well, the opportunity to indulge! We wondered if the kids would pull faces and tell us the dough tastes funny, hand on heart you couldn’t tell it was sourdough. So epic, a huge range of fillings. You’ll also catch these guys around some of the bigger markets like Adelaide Farmers Market on Sundays, recently in the Central Market as a producer in residence and coming up mid June at Gillies at the Grounds. Keep tabs on their IG for other pop ups. We would buy these again in a heartbeat.

Bradley’s Bakery

Local to the south? You probably already know about this little gem! For those of you day tripping, visiting friends or passing by thinking that the south only has good beaches and nice wineries, we’re here to tell you it’s also the place to find the most delicious donuts!! Bradley’s Bakery has two stores once at Christie’s Beach as well as a second store at Moana. This is another home of the HUGE donut along with a solid assortment of exceptional, but not over the top, donuts to go with their great coffee! These should literally be the entire story of ‘how to win friends and influence people’.

The Candy Van Adelaide / Imbers Donuts

Brand spanking new late last month, The Candy Van Adelaide have just opened a shop in Salisbury called ‘Imbers Donuts’. You might know them from their super popular food truck or gastronomically pleasing donuts in Victoria Park. From glazed donuts to filled donuts and warm artisan donut packs with gooey, biscuity, chocolatey toppings like Tim Tam, Snickers, Mars, Kinder the list goes on and on. Northern folks have just won the donut jackpot with this new venue and until now we have had to drive to the Barossa to get a high quality donut fix in the north!

Becks Bakehouse

A southern Adelaide institution, Becks Bakehouse at Somerton Park, Melrose Park and down at Port Noarlunga are iconic donut bakers. We feel like they have been around forever and it’s just one of those places that you know you can trust when it comes to getting a cracking donut (or pasty…..and apparently they sell bread! Who knew). Highly recommended and if the amount of tradie customers is an indication of how good a bakery is (which it is…tried and tested method), then this is a winner. The Donuts here are not over complicated and just top shelf.

Lobethal Bakery

Cast your mind back to 2019, when we first posted about Lobethal Bakery GIANT donuts and broke the internet. They still make them, they are still fluffy, delicious and fun, and we rate all of their bakery goods. Find them in Mt Barker, Lobethal, Stirling, Balhannah and Woodside. King of the Adelaide Hills you might say! Watch your kids eyes light up in disbelief when you throw one of these their way. Perfect for sharing, because they really are novelty sized. To ensure you are not disappointed, drop them a quick call and pre-order one as they do sell out quickly!

Doughnut World

You might THINK you know donuts but have you ever experienced a salted caramel custard-filled, Gaytime biscuit crumb from Doughnut World? How about savouring the Hazelnut & White Choc custard topped with wafers on a Bueno doughnut? And let’s not forget the irresistible Lemon Meringue!

These heavenly delights, freshly fried to perfection, represent the pinnacle of donut craftsmanship. The best part? You can have them delivered right to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can now also visit the Felixstow storefront to pick them up in person. But be warned, the irresistible selection of flavours may leave you pondering for a delightful dilemma of ten minutes, trying to decide which options to indulge in!

Krispy Kreme

Look, if you want to go cheap and cheerful, smaller and super convenient we would be silly to overlook the donuts that filled aircraft lockers for years before arriving in Adelaide. Now you can pick these bad boys up 24/7 around the entire state at OTR servos and two dedicated drive thru locations; Port Road and Port Wakefield Road. Honestly, you had me at drive thru. With some sugar glazed classics and some ever changing flavours, we recently polished off more than a sensible amount of the new Cherry Ripe inspired range.

Alby’s Gluten Free Bakery

Ok, I’m not going to make out these taste like regular gluten filled donuts, but they were nice. Everything at this bakery is lovingly made and beyond donuts there are so many allergy friendly options (and not the big money raw food nut and coconut oil based trendy geezer stuff – real bakery goods). When you are a kid with intolerances, and you have to miss out? That’s not fun. Find these guys at 66 Holbrooks Rd, Flinders Park SA

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  1. Karrissa

    Hi Tim, you need to head out to little Moe’s bakery in Kapunda best chocolate doughnuts around.

    • Isabile ra

      Me and the kids had a great day travelling around Adelaide while on holiday my family comes from a small town called Kempsey and live in a little neighbourhood called Bunya Pines. the kids had a blast while me and my hubby Mitchell sat by the pool! we ate so many donuts the kids went BALLISTIC! the place I recommend donuts from would be Albys gluten free bakery! such good prices and tasty treats for all!

  2. Lucy Robyn

    me and the kids had a great day at saints kitchen it was a HUGE hit in the kids corner! the kids were bursting around the walls after they had their mega milkshakes. great pricing and good fun for kids birthdays!


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