Who doesn’t love a burger? The KiA team have slipped on their stretchy pants (ok that was just Tim) and taken to the streets to find the best family burgers. Fair to say our gastro mission uncovered some serious burger gold. Some we always knew were good, some we had to search bloody hard for and some, well we can’t actually tell you about, because burger disappointment is a real thing.

We want fresh buns, tasty flame grilled meats, fancy melted cheeses. We want vego and vegan options, smaller, cheaper options for kids and it’s been a total bonus if we found a bluddy good serve of fries, chips, tots, waffle fries or maybe even a deep fried pickle to accompany.

Black buns, brioche buns, turkish bread buns – it’s all acceptable in our quest for ultimate family burger satisfaction. We even found a burger with steak and prawns in it. Dang, take my money. 

Enjoy our find and let us know what you thing when you try out some of these places. We guarantee you one thing – all of these burgers are worth driving for. 

Milky Lane

Since we posted about World Burger Day last year, Milky Lane (hello cult following) has entered the Adelaide burger arena and we couldn’t love them more. Not just another burger joint or cocktail bar, but a unique experience that’s colourful, fun and super friendly. The burgers are every bit as good as they look on their popular social media pages and their shakes and cocktails are legendary. Not your traditional burger joint, amazing fun with the kids and you won’t be sorry that you went (or hungry, it is impossible to leave hungry). Check in with their socials for regular promotions and deals – we think the lunch deals are unbelievable value, and this World Burger Day they are slinging $10 burgs. Get around it.

Read more here

Chuck Wagon 175

“Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” yeah, nah! Chuck Wagon 175 is where it’s at!

From the moment you sink your teeth into their juicy, hand-formed patties, you know you’re in for something special. Topped with the freshest ingredients and served on perfectly toasted buns, these burgers redefine what it means to indulge in America’s favorite comfort food. So, forget the jingles and slogans of yesteryear; Chuck Wagon 175 is the place where legends are made! 

Find their website here

Burger O’Clock

Burger cravings could strike at any moment, and when they do, I am sooo glad I live in the Northern suburbs, right around the corner from Burger O’Clock.

Forget your bottom-of-the-barrel burgers; this neighbourhood spot has been serving up American-style burgers with hand-pressed patties and homemade sauces. Choose from one-, two-, or three-patty options, all loaded with toppings like macaroni and cheese, bacon, jalapeños, fried eggs, and more. Whether you prefer chicken or beef, all their burgers are flavourful and juicy – everything comes together so perfectly. The menu also includes a long list of sides, plus some show-stopping creations. Try their fried chicken while you’re there; you won’t regret it!

I regularly rave about this place to anyone who’ll listen. And I’m not alone, it’s so blooming good!

Order online here or visit them at: 65 Kesters Rd, Para Hills West SA 5096

Diamond Burger

Brilliant burgers with basketball hoops on every table? What a time to be alive! The team at Diamond Burger love their basketball and your kids will love smashing down a delicious burger while shooting some hoops on the mini rings. Watch some games on the big screens and just chill in the comfy booths and soak in the atmosphere, this is a new spot that all burgers lovers need to try!

Read all about our visit HERE

Burger Incredible

Premium quality burgers at an attractive price is what Burger Incredible promise and they deliver in spades! Funky and comfortable location at Unley, only minutes from the city, with the friendly staff bringing out your meal quickly and perfectly made. For our kids, they couldn’t stop raving about this one with plenty of options on the menu (we went a beef option and a chicken option, both hitting the spot) as well as many non-burger items for anyone not feeling a burger. Big servings, plenty of taste and very well priced. Definitely worth a look for the burger fan.

Find their website HERE
and on Facebook HERE

Burgertec Christies Beach

Love these burgs. Great for bigger kids who like a decent sized burger. $10 kids meals and Tuesday is $5 cheesburger night. KiA Dad Scotty thinks these go alright, and we think he goes alright, so there’s a thing!? Video games for the kids too. Winning at life with a visit here basically. Last thing, it’s not all about the beef, the chicken burger was awesome!
Last thing – be rude of us not to tell you there are further outlets on Grage Road, Paradise & Salisbury too.

Find them on Insta HERE
and Facbook HERE 

Cheeky Chook Eats

Fancy a burger made by one of Adelaide’s top chefs? Cheeky Chook is a sensational burger experience (washing it down with tap beer on site is optional but highly recommended) that will make you want to go back as soon as you possibly can. We strongly suggest the ‘West Fried’ which gives you that ‘food so good it makes you close your eyes’ moments, which you don’t come across too often! The hardest part about writing about this place is wanting to go back. It is that good. Exceptionally note worthy, the kid sized Bettys Jnr Burger and West Fried Jnr Burger.

Find them on Facebook HERE

CnB Chicken and Burgers Rundle Place

Apparently, the world has gone mad for Korean Fried Chicken. A craze I never fully understood until last week when CnB or (Chicken n’ Burgers) officially opened their second Adelaide store and invited us along to sample their mouth-watering menu. It’s pretty safe to say, we’re addicted!

Located in the city’s premier retail centre Rundle Place, this fried chicken specialist is great for both a quick bite to eat with the kids or a flavoursome meal to please your tastebuds.

Read our full review HERE


A hugely popular brunch and lunch spot just opposite the parklands on Fullarton Road, you will always see a heap of young families at this place and it is easy to see why….but how is the burger? Fantastic! Tried something a bit different with the slaw and were not disappointed. Served with a side of nice chips which didn’t last long with my 3 tiny seagulls around. If you have enough room left for a dessert after your burger feast (you will….it is a different tank for dessert) then try the Lotus pancakes. Go on. We dare you.

Find them on Facebook HERE

Hammer ‘n’ Tongs

Another new entry, with this country beauty opening at Strath in 2019, making it a great place to stop for lunch while you cruise the hills. The restaurant itself is brilliant with a blacksmith style theme so a burger seemed a fitting choice. A great sized burger with really good chips, again we chose the chicken and we absolutely can’t wait to go back and smash down another.

Find them on Facebook HERE

127 Days Urban Eats

Do not ever try to tell Jacki there is a better burger in Adelaide than here. It’s like telling a Port Supporter that the Adelaide Crows are a credible team this year. We love that from the seventeen or so burgers on their menu, two are exceptional vegetarian options, yet they still note under these two menu items that there is an option to add meat. Worth.The.Drive and Go.The.Sides.

Find them in Croydon Park and on Facebook HERE



Grill’d, Australia’s favourite home-grown healthy burger brand, is celebrating 20 flippin’ years in 2024, so it’s time to celebrate with the introduction of NEW family bundle deals! Every one is feeling the pinch $ wise, but Grill’d still want to give the fam a healthy, nutritious feed that tastes goooooooood. So from the 7th of May you can treat the whole fam to a meal under $50 – that sounds like a win-win to us!

Let Grill’d sort our dinner with over 20% in savings on ALL their Family Bundles.

Mini Me Family Bundle ($49.90) ​
2 Burgers* + 2 Mini Me Packs + 1 Reg Famous Chips + 1 Dip + 2 x 600ml Soft Drinks  ​

Family Frenzy Bundle  ($69.90) ​
4 Burgers* + 2 Reg Famous Chips + 2 Dips + 4x 600ml Soft Drinks  ​

​Famished Family Bundle ($69.90)  ​
4 Burgers* + 12 HFC Bites + 1 Reg Famous Chips + 1 Reg Sweet Potato Chips + 2 Dips  ​

Simply shop in restaurant, online or order via Grill’d Delivery!​ 

More info + T&C  here


One of the newer (and most excellent) venue’s on the Adelaide burger scene, you’ll love Monday $10 burgs, Tuesday kids eat free, Wednesdays $1 wings, Thursday half price shakes and Friday $10 cocktails!

Expect smoked meats and eats here, with an industrial hipster vibe and hip hop tunes playing at this super delicious, super family friendly restaurant in Port Adelaide.

Find them on Instagram HERE


Burgers at Nords will always be a strong showing on any ‘best burger’ list. A huge range of options (plus some ripper sides that the kids will LOVE). It’s one of those burger spots that people will travel a fair way to get too. Going to admit to a controversial opinion here but we feel they have slipped down the rankings in the past few years. Still deserving of a solid holding in the top ten. Find them in Norwood, Hindmarsh, Frewville and Chinatown.

Visit them on Facebook HERE

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