Honestly, what family doesn’t need help with their digital wellbeing? Enter Inchargebox! We have had our eyes on this product for a while and in the lead up to the summer holidays, we jumped at the opportunity to give a couple of different sized Inchargebox’s a go.

What is it exactly? Well it’s a great quality, powered coated, lockable, steel tech storage box. It’s stylish and it obviously has has capability to charge up to ten devices at any one time (depending on the size etc that you select). It comes in some beautiful colours, or simply opt for unicorn white. (Scroll down for photos.)

Now we get it, all families will have different rules and boundaries when it comes to tech use and screen time limits, and if you are any thing like us, some times our own rules are not consistently enforced. Especially in school holidays. Gaahhhh, that’s fine, we are not here to tell you how to parent, or to preach. Do what works for you. One thing we do manage to pull off in our family is no devices in the bedroom overnight, and this godsend of a box is helping support that expectation by providing a clearly defined place where the devices should be after dinner. We haven’t needed to lock the box, however it’s great to know that it’s an option.

We are loving the centralised charging point for every one / every thing. Tech clutter be gone. I don’t know about you, but kids seem to move chargers around like nobody’s business here and that’s been completely eliminated too. If your device needs charging, it goes in the box, end of story. So yeah, the reduction in benchtop clutter is sparking massive joy.

So what can you put in you ask? Well you can charge any thing that plugs in to a USB style port. We have been putting the phones, iPads, my apple watch, charging headphones and even the tv remote (not that it needs charging). People also use it for gaming controllers or consoles.

A few last things….. Inchargebox is designed and created in Melbourne – love an Aussie brand. It’s compatible with all electronic devices, Australian standard tested and certified and the charging is FAST – Qualcom, with the latest updated USB ports.

Thanks Inchargebox for the opportunity to road test this system. It’s a solid five star review from us, and just in the nick of time with summer school holidays on our doorstep. We also feel like this would be brilliant to implement at the start of the new school year. New year, new habits and all that. Maybe your kids even got new devices or a phone for Christmas. I can assure you – this box is going to be helpful for setting tech boundaries that work.

Check out all of the info and purchase online HERE

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