There are a heap of new developments up at Mt Barker (only half hour from the city I might add) and with the expansion has come a bunch of brilliant new playgrounds and other play-spaces. The bonus of Barker is aaaallllll of the space to do all of the things….which sometimes you don’t get down the hill in town.

A brand spanking new spot is in the Aston Hills development on Seymour Drive Mt Barker, which is on the outskirts of Barker so there is bushland and fresh air aplenty. The playground is massive with some fabulous equipment including swings, slides and rope climbing.

Parents can sit in the shaded seating area at the top of the hill overlooking the play area which was pretty cool. It is entirely covered in bark which may cause some issues for some to move around and toilets were lacking (maybe something that could be added later wink wink), but overall a nice little playground. But this wasn’t why we made the trip…. Just beyond the playground, on the other side of the hill, a fantastic Aston Hills Adventure Bike Trail has been created. What is a trail park? Glad you asked. Think a mountain biking playground suitable for all ages! With very well signed tracks and trails classified according to ability levels, this almost makes me want to go and buy a bike to give it a shot. Almost.