This stunning playground is just about everything we love about a day out in our beautiful Adelaide Hills. Coffee (Hello ‘Little Cog’!), stunning scenery and a fab playground for all ages. Located just below the Bridgewater Mill, the playground is fenced along the road and edges but NOT on the creek bed, which in my opinion is great because it allows kids to take there shoes off and go for a good explore in the creek bed. When we were there it was only about ankle deep with some deeper sections under the bridge, so you’ll need to use your discretion based on your kids abilities and what’s happening in the creek the day you visit. During winter and after a big rain, the creek can get quite deep and fast, so it will change during the year.

We had a great time crossing the stone path, splashing in the water and saying hello to the resident ducks who were cooling off on this 34 degree day!

The playground itself is not shaded, but there are lots of little nooks and crannies to sit under the shade of either the trees that surround the park or the undercover area. There is also a BBQ area that overlooks the playground with more shady spots to throw down a picnic rug.

Without doubt the #1 highlight of this park for us was the flying fox. Easy enough for my 4 year old to manage herself, we also saw older kids having a ball and younger kids having a try with the help of their parents. Pretty sure Winnie had close to one billion turns on it before she decided she’d like to check out the rest of the park.

Other playground equipment includes a substantial rope climbing frame, swings, rockers and a slide, but there’s a big but here…..the slide is METAL?!?! If someone can please shed some light as to why we are building these fantastic new nature play playgrounds with METAL SLIDES I’d love to know. It was 11am on the day we went, and yes it’s a hot day, but the slide was like molten lava. #bumburn

Apart from “lavaslide” the playground is a big winner in our book. We definitely recommend a trip up the hill.

PLEASE supervise your kids at this park, as I mentioned there is a small creek at the bottom of the play area that is very accessible. It’s a great splashy place to play but you need to keep your eyes on your kids.

What we loved about this park:

  • The flying fox
  • The equipment – diverse range for young and older kids
  • The creek and natural play spaces – splashing, climbing, running, chasing butterflies, cartwheels on the grass – all that good stuff.
  • BBQ Area – great spot for a kids birthday party
  • Public Toilets nearby on Mill Road
  • The location – Adelaide Hills = beautiful!
  • The temperature in summer – on a hot day it’s always a few degrees cooler up here and lots of shady spots to sit on a picnic rug
  • Parking easy to find
  • Bridgewater shops over the road if you need a snack, drink, ice cream

What we thought could be better:

  • Metal slide??????
  • Drinking fountain would be great
  • Table in the undercover area

HOT TIP – This playground will be gorgeous in Autumn, can’t wait to see it turn all sorts of red, orange and yellow shades in a few months time.

For those wanting to enjoy some local food and drinks (including some lovely wines), consider a stop in at the Bridgewater Mill or Bridgewater Inn both within a few hundred meters walk.

Bridgewater Mill Playground

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