Tucked away in the backstreets of Felixstow, away from the busy main roads, this fantastic playground with modern and updated equipment is not only great for those in the area but just about worth a drive to visit. This playground is massive. With huge shade sails covering the majority of the fenced (yep entirely fenced!) new play equipment with a mix of rubber and bark flooring, not only will you and your clan not get burnt but the equipment won’t top 4 gazillion degrees in the middle of summer.

With swings, several awesome playground sets of varying skill levels (some even a tad too high for Dads I found out) wheelchair accessible trampoline and carousel, this place will keep your kids of all ages, skill levels and abilitities amused long enough for you to enjoy your coffee and maybe even read a book. It is such a great spot you might even finish a page before the kids bug you for a snack or to watch them do something (probably jump on the spot if they are like ours).

Modern toilets are close by, although probably not close enough for the little ones to walk over solo, and there was a few BBQs to chuck some snags on. The walking/cycling track which runs alongside the playground looks like it would be a really nice route, following the creek line with a heap of lovely trees really making it a fantastic little spot.