Flinders Parade Reserve in Newton is a nice little spot for those in the area who have little ones who love to ride around, but want a safe space to do it. With a great bitumen riding track complete with traffic signs and a few little routes to take, located on a quiet back street this is a good addition to the usual small backstreet playground set up. 

The playground right next to the track is a big modern set up with a couple of slides, some rope climbing and some cool little wheels for the little ones to spin and check out the patterns. A swing set and a big donut swing completes this small playground space, with shade only provided by the trees in the reserve. Sadly there are no real other facilities to give a shout out too, with no toilets, shade, BBQs or fencing to speak of. There is one little seating area to sit and watch the kids ride around the track, and there are also couple of logs that can kind of be used if needed.

This is a real quiet spot, tucked away away from all the noise so if you are in the area and the kids want somewhere new to ride their bikes around away from the roads, check this one out!

Find it on Flinders Parade, Felixtow