The Glenelg Foreshore Playground is SO good and we have absolutely loved visiting (along with most of Adelaide!) over the past few years since it opened. With the recent summer addition of the Giant Wheel, it makes for a brilliant day out!

It’s a great mixture of beach surrounds, fun for young and old kids, and the move towards ‘nature play’ areas. Highlights include: water play area into the sand, huge metal slide, in-ground mini trampolines, climbing frames, water fountains, grassed areas and nearby cafes!
Pro Tip – bring a change of clothes for when the kids inevitably get wet!

One of our favourite central features of the Glenelg Foreshore Playground is the mega metal slide you can see below. At about 4m wide, this slide can fit the whole family. There is a rather steep, fake grass ramp up to the top of the slide which I didn’t love at first, but it is possibly a good idea as it might keep kids under 2 from making their way up there, or at least it slows them down. As it turns out, once you’re up there you can see that the slide is deceptively tall and steep so take care with the younger ones as they go pretty fast and sometimes end up shooting off the end! Also, in the middle of a hot day the metal can get hot, so please take care, wear long pants or give the kids a towel to slide on!

The area is surrounded by grass and some large trees so it is fairly shady, especially in the morning but would get a bit hot in the middle of the day and late afternoon sun. There are plenty of bench seats around the edge of the play area for resting or breastfeeding. The playground is quite large and provides play spaces for a wide range of ages and abilities, enabling larger families to allow all of their children to play and enjoy the space. BUT be aware that it is a busy space so if you have a youngster who is a “runner” (like we do!) then you will need to keep a close eye out as the area is not fenced. The pros of the space are that there are many spaces such as tunnels, holes and water spaces, which the kids explore, but I can see how it’d be easy for a child to hide too!

Another feature the kids loved was the water play area, which you can see below. This area is a great place for kids play independently or with others. There are large logs for kids to sit on, build around or balance upon. The water pump sends water down a narrow concrete path, creating a lovely stream for the kids to play in or scoop water from. The sand keeps the area cool underfoot and provides lots of opportunity for the kids to build castles and fairy gardens. HINT: Take a change of clothes for your toddlers so that they can enjoy this space without you having to worry about having a wet, cold child in the car on the drive home!

There are many other areas that the children will spend hours in, including; a climbing area above a sunken pit, a hammock (if only this was here back in the days when I went to the Grand on a Sunday night!), pebble pits and in-ground mini trampolines. The climbing area is good for older, stronger children and was quite busy when we were there. It could be a bit tricky to recover a toddler from the top of the climbing gym so keep that in mind.

The pebble pits are great for kids around 2 years of age, but they are also about 1m in depth so the children will need help in and out of these. Kids loved taking the pebbles out and creating little patterns on the outside of the pits then pushing the pebbles back in. Two or three children could fit in these pits at one time, and there are two pits to share.

A highlight were the mini-tramps and these seem very sturdy. There are quite a few on them so kids don’t have to wait long, or at all, to have a go. Once again, 2-3 small children could fit on these at one time, depending on their balance of course. We watched younger kids (1-2 years old) and older teenagers enjoying this space together (not necessarily on the same trampoline though!).

In terms of practicality, the Glenelg Foreshore Playground offers these key features:

  • Near by toilets
  • Cafes/eateries
  • Beach
  • Shaded spaces
  • Seating for feeding/resting (Ha! Who rests?! No parent I know!)
  • Grassy area
  • Nature play, Water play, Imaginative play
  • Climbing, building, swinging, balancing, sliding

This really is a wonderful new addition to Glenelg and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

Glenelg Foreshore Playground
Where: In front of the Glenelg Town Hall.

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