Where: Kenton Avenue, Oaklands Park

Another nice little playground for the locals, with a range of equipment outside of the normal combo of tower slide + swing. They do have some swings, which our crew got around, with a normal swing, toddler swing and dount net swing to entertain the troops. The big horizontal climbing net provided a good challenge for the older kids and the sound pipes are always fun!

We loved the adjacent bike and scooter trail, which adds a bit of difference to the area but there was no real flat area for any ball sports sorry sports fans. There aren’t any toilets here but it is only a small local spot, so not a huge shock there, however we did like the water fountain. Shade wise you are sort of left to enjoy the local trees which cover a part of the playground but a lot is left exposed. Lots of sand too for those parents who love sand play (yet to meet one, but they may exist) and a water play set up will help that easy to brush off dry sand turn into annoying wet sand. This one isn’t fully fenced either and there are no BBQ facilities.

Parents will enjoy the picnic table where you can sit, enjoy the scenery and soak up the serenity…..ah the serenity.