Where: Everard Avenue, Keswick

*** April 2021 Update – Consultation closed on upgrade***

We stumbled across this fab little fully fenced playground and found out later that it is in the process of getting a major upgrade! Stay tuned to see how the plans unfold over the next few months.

As it stands this place is a fantastic local facility, with a shaded modern playground full of unique climbing areas for the kids to explore. The whole playground is shaded by sails in fact, with a number of play areas with a range of equipment to suit most ages.

Throw in a fantastic oval, basketball court and tennis court facilities, and this precinct becomes a one stop shop for a fab arvo for the locals. Plenty of off street parking, BBQ facilities, toilets and water fountains round off a nice little spot.

It will be exciting to see what the City of West Torrens have in store for this great facility.

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  • Fabulous news that we have been waiting MONTHS for....the opening of the incredible upgrade at Wigley Reserve at Glenelg. Sometimes fantastic photos do a far better job at telling a story and this is absolutely one of those occasions. Check out how good it looks! The old playground is long gone and has been replaced with this impressive looking structure that really does catch the eye as you approach Wigley Reserve. It is important to note that the playground is now only partially fenced (locals would remember the old shaded plastic playground was fully fenced) on the Pat river side only. It is fully open on the grassed reserve side so you will need to keep your wits about you here as the water is pretty close. The old 'plastic fantastic' playground has been replaced with a sensational multi function playspace which will satisfy the climbers, the nature lovers, the jumpers, the exercising types and those who love a good swing. The highlight has to be the huge climbing structure which lets kids of all ages (thanks to really well designed safety netting) climb up nice and high and check out the incredible view of all the fancy expensive boats…

  • A small but well-maintained fully fenced and dog-friendly park.Play equipment includes monkey bars, a slide, a seesaw, a climbing wall and two swings. There’s also enough grassed area for a game of cricket, football, soccer, frisbee or whatever activity takes your fancy. There are no toilets or BBQs but it does have two tables with benches if you’d like to bring your own snacks. The reserve is popular with kookaburras, and if you’re lucky you can even spot a koala from time to time. Find it at Price Avenue, Clapham

  • Where: Nannigai Drive, Hallett Cove Marion Council has done it again with a fabulous new playground down south, opened in mid 2021 at Hallett Cove. This is a fantastic all round community space, complete with toilets, basketball and tennis courts (with soccer goals too), BBQ, sheltered seating, drinking fountains and good parking off the quiet side street. Our crew loved this space, with a fantastic range of equipment which is perfect for the under 10s. Complete with swings, a climbing tower with multiple slides and a xylophone music installation that plays the most amazingly loud and beautiful sounds. The kids will be bashing away at this for ages (do wonder how the neighbours feel about it though!). The playground is right next to some lots of trees, which with the addition of a some little wooden features is quite the place to explore for the little ones. So chuck in the scooter, the balls and some meat for a fab family BBQ, because this one is an absolute ripper.

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