Redevelopment coming soon!

A master plan has been developed and approved by West Torrens Council for Kings Reserve in order to provide a long-term overarching vision for the Kings Reserve precinct. The plan recognises the existing qualities of the entire site, but also seeks to consolidate existing facilities and upgrade or provide new appropriate facilities based on existing and future use.
The master plan includes a new playground, new toilet facilities, new skate plaza extension, football goals, cricket net, car parking, tree planting.

This playground is BEGGING for a touch up from Nature Play Designs or one of the nature based playground developers around town. A HUGE space right near the Thebarton Aquatic Centre with PLENTY of room for a big run around, kick of the footy, game of basketball or a skate/scooter in the bowl.


The playground is old school, but in a good way! Lots of wooden structures, forts and bridges, a great big metal slide that would burn your bum completely off in summer, – but you’d still go down it over and over again, lots of spots for a great game of chasey or hide and seek, adventure play, and a big wide slide.

What we liked about this park

  • It’s HUGE. There is so much room and it would be a great spot for a birthday party.
  • The old school equipment, it was FUN!
  • BBQ available + undercover area
  • Lots of grassy spots
  • The skate bowl
  • Basketball ring
  • Footy goals
  • Parking available at the Brickworks just over the road, as well as coffee spots, food spots and a Big W for that spontaneous $30 scooter purchase so you could have a go in the skate bowl.

What we thought could be better

  • Although the old school equipment was fun, the park does need a bit of a tidy up. There were a few cigarette butts lying around, the grass was a bit long, part of the rubber matting was ripped and coming away. A little tidy up would go a long way at this park. In saying that though, it’s not bad enough to not go.
  • The toilets were clean(ish), definitely OK but not the cleanest ones we’ve seen.
  • We visited in Winter where shade wasn’t an issue but that metal slide must get stinking hot in summer! There are trees around to sit under when you’re having a break but the actual playground area isn’t very shady.

King’s Reserve Playground

How to get there
From South Road heading west, turn right onto Ashwin Parade to park at the Brickworks. Or turn right onto Ashley Street and then right onto Meyer Street to park near the Aquatic Centre.

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