Where: Battunga Road, Meadows

Not every playground needs to cost a million bucks and have every whizz bang feature to be a memorable day out does it. Sometimes it is all about the serenity and a relaxing moment in a busy day, where you can sit and the kids can play. Well the Meadows Playground, about 20 minutes south of Mt Barker, is one of those spots.

Fully fenced, and with some absolutely beautiful natural shade (Trees. Lots of trees), which makes for an essential Autumn visit, we pencil this one in the calendar each year to visit to check out the spectacular colours. The playground itself is simple, spacious and with lots of modern equipment to cater for the under 10s. Couple of swings, some toddler equipment and a larger climbing wall themed set up for the older kids makes it a perfect place to wash down your country bakery visit feed.

Speaking of which, Pik a Pie is a fabulous bakery located just across the road! Brilliant. Put this one on your list for a quick stop during your next drive through the hills.