The new Oak Tree Adventure Playground at Blackwood Park is part of a larger X-Terrain Park that includes an incredible running/walking/riding trail, creek, lake and the soon-to-be-completed “Tree Top Park” climbing structure.

There are fitness circuits and exercise stations around the trail, but it’s nice just to relax in the beautiful landscape too!

My kids were very excited when we arrived at the playground as there were literally about 20 kangaroos bouncing around! As it was cold and wet, there were also some cute ducks having a pretty fun time! The playground itself follows the “nature play” trend and boasts wooden and rock structures for climbing and balancing.

The small creek that runs near the playground was cute, but I’m not sure how full it gets during the year. There is a lake nearby though.

Streetside parking is available, and there may be more appropriate parking once further development is completed.

The playground was a little difficult to locate, as it’s not really along a main stretch, but I winged it and drove around without an address and still found it! But it’s probably best to have some directions… so… it’s in the gully reserve between Gartrell Boulevard, Fergusson Avenue and Meridian. You can enter from Symon Crescent in Meridian. Google Maps are yet to catch up with all the developments at Blackwood Park, so be aware that Google Maps may not have the clearest directions for you either!


  • Benches next to playground
  • Beautiful natural space
  • Kangaroos and ducks around in the local bushland
  • Good mix of activities for toddlers through to ages 6 or 7
  • A cool climbing rock (for ages 3-5 probably)
  • Links to the trail where you can walk through the area. There are multiple paths to try depending on age, ability and mode of transport (foot, bike or pram… perhaps all if you are like us!).
  • For a full map of the trails click: HERE


  • No toilets
  • It isn’t fenced (although it’s not directly on the street and is nice and open so it’s easy to see where your children are)
  • No swings, slides or monkey bars (this may be a pro for some of you!
  • Shade from trees, but not over the actual playground