Where: Tiranna Way, West Lakes.

Talk about location, location, location! We often forget we have an incredible lake over at West Lakes which provides some of the most beautiful scenery in town. This is a spectacular spot which if you visit on a nice day like we did, will make you feel like you are on holiday at some sort of fancy resort.

There were a lot of things we loved about this one. The view of course. Obviously! But we loved the sandy beach and the little diggers (lovely surprise they were!), the shade sails were fantastic, the grassed area is great for a picnic or a lay down on a towel plus there is a bike track around the lake to top off the visit! Perfect.

A few things to note though, it isn’t fenced. A big issue with the nearby water so take note of that. Coffee (very important detail) is highly recommended from ‘Old Habits’ at the end of the road. There are toilets thankfully but no BBQ areas, which is a bit odd as it is THE perfect BBQ spot. Bring a rug too as there is hardly any seating.

The playground is big enough to keep the kids entertained for a while and is probably more for the under 10 crowd, with swings, slides and a reasonable amount of different equipment throughout. Nothing too special on the playground equipment side, but the view more than makes up for it!