The upgraded AA Bailey Reserve playground at Clarence Gardens is finished and it. Is. Fabulous! Where do we start with this must visit spot. 

Firstly, it is basically 2 playgrounds in 1. Everyone loves a double playground right!

Playground 1 is a fully fenced area, designed more for the little kids, with sand play, swings, a pirate ship and more. A fantastic little set up on its own, but then with the brand new upgrade right next door (not fully fenced as such, but fenced on most sides and a long way from any busy roads), there is so much here for all ages. 

With huge climbing equipment, mini flying fox, massive slide built into the hill and a lot of nature style climbing, jumping and skipping bits and pieces to explore, our kids had a blast. The floor covering is pretty much all bark which may be a mobility issue for some kids but there are some paths through the playgrounds should hopefully help with getting around. There is also a disabled access swing which we love.

There is a shaded BBQ area with seats, lots of grasses area and trees so it’s a great spot for a kids party (plenty of parking too!). There were no toilets which was a bit of a bummer sadly. 

We will definitely be heading back for a visit to this one. The City of Mitcham have done a fantastic job and hopefully they get some toilets installed soon!

Neville Ave, Clarence Gardens