A magical music theme nature playground has officially OPENED in the community of Balaklava located North of Adelaide. Known as “Sounds from the Ground” this play space will offer a blend of nature inspired musical play allowing kids to express themselves from music and play. Aimed at the under 5 age bracket the project was designed around providing a learning based play area for the younger kids located in regional areas. Balaklava based Our Community our Children together with Wakefield Regional Council worked to bring this project to fruition with the fabulous team from Climbing Tree. The Play space is located at the former croquet club.

There are so many cool things for the kids to explore in this space. It features a log scramble that leads to a jungle inspired canopy house , a slippery dip and a traditional large nest swing . One of our favourites would have to be the large wooden xylophone that the kids run and jump on to create music. You will also find a guitar shaped ride or walk circuit along with a big bear house , a metal bongo drum and an amazing touch interactive sound wall .

The new play space is only adding to the great community facilities the Apex Park precinct already has including a pool , community gardens, skate park and bowling green. Apex park just continues to come alive and the music that will be created from the new play space will only enhance this. Council say to watch this space as more plans to grow the play areas are still in progress. Just to let you know there is community toilets available, but NO shade over the play equipment. Well done Wakefield Regional Council on this amazing play space for the community and visitors.

Photo credit – Climbing Tree

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  • Where: George Street, Parkside A nice little set up, with a heap of Pros but a few Cons too. Parking was a nightmare, a little side street not far from Greenhill Road was a tough parking challenge, but once you stop it is quite nice what they have done with the space. Fully fenced which is fab! The area has been fenced off into a large playground space and an open grassed section for sports, dogs etc. The playground is also fully shaded and has seating, with a nearby water fountain also very handy. The play equipment is great for the younger primary kids, a really nice big piece of equipment with a slide and lots of climbing apparatus. No toilets at this one sadly, but a great little 'pop in for 10 minutes' playground.

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