Jubilee Park, Elizabeth Park

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Image credit: City of Playford

This park is part of a nature reserve, with a small playground that includes a slide, spinner, swings and some cool climbing/balancing equipment

Image credit: City of Playford

It’s a great area for a run around, kick of the ball or somewhere you can sit with the dog (on leash) while the kids have a play

Image credit: City of Playford

There’s not many facilities around though, a bench seat and a rubbish bin is about it. No toilets or shade

Thanks to Amy for this playground review

36 Seavington Road, Elizabeth Park

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  • Where: Yorktown Road, Elizabeth *** AUGUST 2020 UPDATE - OPEN! *** Right on schedule the expected-to-be-amazing Fremont Park stage 2 upgrade has been completed and the verdict? AWESOME! There is so much to do. Like so so much. The list is almost endless but lets just say that there will be equipment to satisfy literally everyone of all ages and abilities. There are plenty of BBQs, toilets (THANK YOU!), drinking fountains, heaps of parking, seating for adults and they have even added a basketball court too! Local school children contributed to the upgrade plans which will include new all-abilities play equipment, climbing equipment, spinning cogs, talking tubes and even some Holden themed play/climbing structures. It is so cool! The all-abilities playspace features the first Communication Board, which helps make communication accessible for those who are non-verbal, as well as a changing place for those who cannot use standard accessible toilets. The $2M playspace completes Stage Two of the Fremont Park redevelopment and complements this sensational space for the northern community.

  • 'Dwight Reserve', located on the corner of Yorktown and Adams Rd is a nice little spot for the locals with some cool equipment and a HEAP of space. It has a car park, shaded seating, park benches, rubbish bins and a large oval nearby (bring the footy or a kite!). It doesn't have secure fencing or toilets but is great for a quick play after school or a picnic on the weekend. I do love the multi-ring basketball bucket...sort of reminds me of Greenhills at Victor Harbor and beating my brother when we were kids! So make sure you pack the car with ALL of the balls, kites and frizbees.

  • Oh Jubilee Park playground where have you been hiding? We are glad we found you. The stand out to this playground is definitely the amazing tube slide. As you first arrive this is what you see - The BIG GREEN slide. Climb the metal ladder step to the reach the windy stairs then its up, up, up you go to reach the top. Certainly the highlight for the older kids. The main structure of the equipment also has a smaller slippery dip down lower but the kids do need to be able to climb the metal ladder steps to get to it so little harder for toddlers. We were lifting our 2 year old up to reach the slide. Jubilee Park Glandore's main structure also features a rock climb for the kids to climb then allows them to come back down via the fireman pole. You will also find a smaller house shape climbing frame for the younger kids close by, along with monkey bars. The reserve also has a swing set including a baby swing along with a bouncy animal and car for the toddlers. These were both a hit. Set aside from the main play equipment the Jubilee…

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