Where: Yorktown Road, Elizabeth

*** AUGUST 2020 UPDATE – OPEN! ***

Right on schedule the expected-to-be-amazing Fremont Park stage 2 upgrade has been completed and the verdict? AWESOME! There is so much to do. Like so so much. The list is almost endless but lets just say that there will be equipment to satisfy literally everyone of all ages and abilities.

There are plenty of BBQs, toilets (THANK YOU!), drinking fountains, heaps of parking, seating for adults and they have even added a basketball court too! Local school children contributed to the upgrade plans which will include new all-abilities play equipment, climbing equipment, spinning cogs, talking tubes and even some Holden themed play/climbing structures. It is so cool!

The all-abilities playspace features the first Communication Board, which helps make communication accessible for those who are non-verbal, as well as a changing place for those who cannot use standard accessible toilets. The $2M playspace completes Stage Two of the Fremont Park redevelopment and complements this sensational space for the northern community.