When my soon to be 12 year old daughter said she wanted to have her birthday party at a go-kart centre, I had like a thousand questions. Wait what…Go-karting? Ok lets see what we can do. Turns out, Mega Fast Karts at Richmond is one of the best indoor entertainment centres, not just go-karting, in Adelaide. But what else do the kids do besides go-karting I hear you ask. Well, turns out a bloody lot!

Obviously they have ‘mega fast karts, for the teens and adults. They go insanely fast and that is so so much fun. But they also have junior karts, that race on the same track, but just go that little bit slower and are suitable for the over 9 crowd. How cool! They even have dual seater karts so the parents can join in with the little kids. I took Mr 5 on with me and he got to pretend to steer while we raced around track as he constantly yelled ‘faster, faster’. Look forward to teaching him to drive in about 10 years time!

So that’s the kart part covered. You then can move onto THE best dodgem cars in the state. Bar none. I challenge you to find us a better spot. By around mid 2020, work should be just about complete on their dodgem modifications, which is like a Frankenstein monster combo of laser tag and dodgems. The end result is real life Mario Kart! You read that right. You will be able to hoon around in your dodgem on a massive track (separate to the big kart track too!), shooting your mates with your laser cannon. Read that bit to your kids and I reckon you will have them sold on this party spot.

You can then try out the huuuuge arcade and guess what? No annoying tickets to get trash-can worthy prizes that you pay 500 tickets for, but are worth about 2 cents. If your kids love car racing and all the old favourite video arcade games, they will love this. Oh and its all unlimited so play as long as your package allows! Brilliant.

There is still more to this fantastic party venue, with a brilliant laser tag space upstairs. The kids LOVED this part and didn’t want to leave. With a multi level area to hide, crawl and climb around it, the kids will have a ball. They especially love shooting the parents so if you are brave enough, chuck on a vest and have a go! Try and do better than I did (so bad. I got shot over and over and over).

Lastly is a couple of massive jumping castles, just in case the kids have any energy left to burn off. Guarantee after doing all of the above, your group will be knackered. I essentially climbed into the jumping castles to have a rest and a good lie down.

So what’s the cost of such an enormous list of things to do? Well the beauty is it can be as much or as little as your budget allows With 5 different party/group packages, plus the ability to purchase each activity individually, you can do whatever your heart desires. Their website has all the info. We chose one of mix packages, so the kids got to have a go on everything and I must say, at about 3 hours, you get unreal value for money because the kids are just exhausted after!

My tips…..bring lots of drinks. It is thirsty work but they have heaps of space and tables if you want to bring an esky, or there is a big drinks fridge available for free to use. A few groups when we went ordered pizzas for their parties so you can bring whatever food takes your fancy too.

6 Deacon Ave, Richmond
Phone: 08 84439755
Facebook @megafastkarts