Why, hello Birthday! Here you are… again. Did it feel like just last month you put the birthday box back in storage? Well it was more like 11 months ago…

Sometimes your child’s birthday is here before you know it and you haven’t planned anything to celebrate. Last minute rushing sometimes ends in impulse buys, lots of stress and leaves your head spinning! So, here is the secret tip – get a theme and the rest can be easy peasy to follow.
Based on party style and guest age, here are great party theme ideas to get you well on your way to party time!

Sleepover Soiree

Pj’s are mandatory so is an extended bedtime! Buy some face masks and sparkly nail polish. Lots of comfy pillows, favourite movies, and let them eat a pancake themed birthday cake for breakfast! You can even get help setting this up from somewhere like Under The Teepee or Tent Events SA who will come to your house and set it all AND pack it all up for you!

Image from Under the Teepee

Movie Mad

Pick your child’s favorite movie and create a theme around it, or just host a night with a mix of great films! Make sure there’s no shortage of cake and popcorn. Some ideas could include – Moana, Lego, Coco, Frozen or Toy Story

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Beach Bash

Even if you can’t make it to a real beach you can bring the beach to you! Pretend your in the tropics and get your guests to dress up surfing style, add sprinklers drink from coconuts or pineapples, keep it easy with fish and chip take away boxes for the kids and enjoy beach games such as frisbees, cricket and sand castles.

*Tip – if you head to the actual beach – check out our playground listings for nearby facilities to beach playgrounds


Celebrate your child’s next birthday by hosting a backyard luau party, complete with Hawaiian-inspired decor, food, games and more.

Mad Scientist

Set up a science lab, create some great experiments and maybe even a slime station ! Add some lab coats, science glasses and brainy food!

Japanese Tea Party

Make beautiful kimonos (lots of ideas online), hand out paper fans, make origami treats and enjoy high tea Japanese style!

Mexican Fiesta

Bright colours, patterns, a pinata, sombreros, a taco bar or burrito station – nothing is off limits with a wild and crazy Mexican theme.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Birthday Theme Make just like Princess Jasmine in this Aladdin-inspired Arabian nights birthday party theme.

Pamper Party

Pamper party theme Girls need pampering too! So take her and her besties for a lovely time to pamper themselves with this pamper party theme. You can get help with this from Adelaide based L’il Miss Pamper Parties who will do all the set up for you!

Image from L’il Miss Pamper Parties

Disco Theme

Nominate a DJ, get some glo sticks, a disco projector light or mirror ball (checkout Kmart or Target for some) add some streamers (lots of streamers) and get ready to boogie! A great space is actually if you have a garage that you can make some room in for a huge dance off!

Enchanted Forest

Bring the wild outdoors inside with an enchanted forest party. Perhaps red and white toadstools, fairy lights, pots of flowers as decorations and a nature scavenger hunt!

Baby Shark

Baby Shark.. do do do do do do … is the catchy song so catchy that you might turn into your next theme party? It could be Fin-Tastic! Decorations can be easy as stuffed sharks, sea inspired food items like crabby croissants, watermelon shark, shark bait snacks.


Dinosaurs are timeless. Older children might prefer a rustic jurassic World theme and younger children a T-Rex theme perhaps?. Give your decor lots of roar and your food items a twist with dino eggs (think coconut balls), dino poop (fruchocs) , Dino Dirt (chocolate mousse). Great games could include digging for dinosaurs or dinosaur egg hunt.

Mary Poppins

Bring the magic back with Mary Poppins. Creative ideas can include kites, umbrellas, penguins(maybe not real ones), chimney sweeps and some spoons full of sugar ….

Glitter Gala

For a party that shimmers and shines, go for a glitter theme! Encourage guests to dress with sparkle and offer glitter face or body paint on site.

Ready Player One

A video game inspired party for the gamer at heart. Invite guests to dress as their favourite game character, past or present.

Ice Cream Sunday

A perfect idea for a summer birthday and perhaps even on a sunday to go with the theme! In addition to lots of icy treats or even a ice cream sundae bar add picnic rugs , bubble wands and a pamper station.

Outer Space

If you have a little one whose interest is planets, rockets and astronaughts… then make up a universe of a party for them. Special NASA badges to all guests, make little rockets or planets to take home … the sky is the limit !

Harry Potter Wizard School

The first harry potter novel hit bookshelves almost 20 years ago … yet Harry never goes out of style even seven books and a few movies later.

From magic wands, to broomsticks and harry potter glasses – get as magical as you like with tricks, magic and a bit of spooky!