Welcome to Adelaide’s newest playground literally living up to its name Tree Tops.

Based around the existing trees in the new Blackwood Park Estate this play space is an adventure haven. As soon as you arrive you see this amazing tall red climbing structure nestled among the trees. As we got closer I was nervous for the kids already up the top but they we just LOVING it. I watched the kids climb the rope stair case or strategically weave in and out of the ropes to find the openings to gain access to the rope bridge that leads to an awesome twister tube slide. My parent friend who joined me at the park with his son couldn’t resist the temptation and had to see what all the fuss was about so took the plunge with the kids.

View was awesome the slide was dark, fast and FUN. Lets face it we all have the inner child still within. I was happy to keep an eye on the kids and keep my feet firmly on the ground!

Whilst the rope climb is the centre piece of this awesome new play space there are lots of other pieces of equipment for the kids to enjoy. The wooden climbing frame set in the sandpit was a huge hit with the little ones. There is lots of things to turn, pull down on, climb on and dig with and we loved eating the sand. Right next to the sandpit is a colourful egg shaped sculpture where the kids can climb up into and enjoy the smaller slippery slide.

The park also features a swing set including a baby swing and a bouncy sea saw for the little ones along with a sit on turning circular roundabout. Just need to hold on tight with this one as it is easy to fall off if it is going a little faster than expected. There is also a grassed area for rug picnics or for the he kids kick or throw the ball or run off some more steam.

This play space has such a lovely vibe with all the existing tall trees providing shade over the equipment but there is no shade cloth. There is a sheltered picnic area along with a few scattered bench seats. The play space has NO FENCE and currently no toilets.

Not far from here is also the new Oaktree Nature Park so why not try both. As this playspace is in the new residential area there are no immediate coffee shops close by so I suggest a quick stop in Blackwood. The council have done an amazing job utilising this tree space to provide the local community and beyond with a play space designed around and incorporating the existing space.

Definitely worth a visit.

Find it:
Cnr of Blackwood Park Blvd and Champion Way, Craigburn Farm