Bop till you Drop provide stress-free party entertainment for your child’s birthday. You will actually get to relax, take photos and socialise with your guests, as Bop till you Drop have a team of highly professional entertainers who know exactly how to keep children focused, engaged and most importantly, having fun. Did you know Bop till you Drop has been operating since 2003 and have run over 30,000 birthday parties and won numerous awards including the 2019 ‘Best School Holidays Activity Provider’?!

We specialise in DISCO & KARAOKE Parties, however we also run super fun and popular SLIME and SCIENCE Parties plus many more. We pride ourselves on the quality of our entertainers as well as the professional equipment we use to operate the Disco & Karaoke Parties. Our state-of-the-art PA systems include microphones for the children to sing on, as well as spectacular disco lights to create that enjoyable, party atmosphere. With over 17 years’ experience, we have developed a party with the perfect combination of singing, dancing, and super cool party games.

Our aim is to build self-confidence in children. We want them to dance like no one is watching. We want them to have fun, feel good about themselves and not worry about doing the correct dance moves. We encourage all children to dance how ‘they dance’, not like everyone else.

Did you know our Slime and Science Parties are educational and fun, rolled into one? Let’s face it, what child doesn’t love making slime? But this time it will be made in a controlled environment and we clean up all the mess! Yippee!!! We also have 5-star views on our Science experiments, which guarantees you won’t have one bored child in sight! Blasting rockets, exploding volcanos, bubbling lava lamps are only a few of these exciting hands-on experiments which the children are thrilled to make themselves.

Want to have your party outdoors? Our Park and Sport Parties are perfect for customers who don’t want to have to clean up all the mess. We have designed a fun and interactive party suitable for outdoor venues such as parks or ovals. Both parties are filled with fun replays, team building games and super fun sports such as soccer, cricket, football and tee-ball.  

Our entertainers are positive role models and we always make sure we make the birthday child feel extra special. Our parties are suitable for1-13 year old children. Please rest assured  we will tailor the party to suit the age, gender, and musical interests of the children at your party. So, you can inform your pre-teen that we will not play any baby songs for them.

Bop till you Drop run big and small events, from birthdays to primary schools, preschools, sporting clubs, Hotels, corporate events, fetes, and festivals.

We would love to entertain your children at your next event. We are flexible and can adapt to any situation to help you create your magical event.
Call: 1300 13 03 13
Instagram: /boptillyoudropaustralia/
Facebook: /boptillyoudrop/

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