The North Adelaide Playspace is on the corner of Bundeys Road and Mackinnon Parade, North Adelaide at Tidlangga Park 9. Also incorporating a pocket orchard in the making, we think this is a great inner city initiative. With a focus on natural elements, most of the play equipment is made of wood, ropes, real tree logs, large climbing rocks etc and landscaping incorporates natural elements, sensory planting, rocks and established plantings. If you have climbers in your family then you’ll definitely want to bring them along!

North Adelaide Playspace new playground

There are two main playground areas within the North Adelaide Playspace both with similar equipment but one lower to the ground and therefore better for 1-4 year olds, while the slightly bigger equipment is well suited to ages 4-10.  Each playground section has HEAPS of options for climbing including lots of different wood and rope sections, log balance beams, wooden tree/stick climbing structures, large rocks and more. Add in raised platforms, wooden see-saws, a huge sandpit, a range of swings and slides (metal so take care when hot!) and the play equipment has a lot to keep kids happy.

North Adelaide Playspace new playground sandpit

In in addition to the two wooden playground areas, there is also a lovely new tennis court, half court basketball court, two free electric BBQs, free on street parking, toilets and a number of bench tables to sit at (some of which are under the newly built covered areas). One of my favourite areas is the lovely little exploratory nature trail that rounds through the exisiting landscape on the far western corner of the playspace and takes kids through a range of beautiful wooden archways as they follow the trail.

North Adelaide Playspace new playground with musical bells

Things we are loving about this great new North Adelaide playspace:

  • There are a number of different play areas spread out across the North Adelaide playspace. They are close enough to watch all the kids, yet spread out enough to create a nice sense of space and make it less crowded.
  • Climbers will have fun on the range of great climbing options for toddlers and up with most made of gorgeous natural wood and ropes. We especially love the climbing poles – with a set for big and small kids.
  • The use of the tennis court, half court basketball and large grassed area in the middle to spread the playground areas out.
  • There is lots of space, green grass for ball games, picnics etc and plenty of it is shaded – although much of the new equipment is not under shade so be sun smart. There is also the large oval right next to the playground so you can have a full game of sport while there!
  • A huge sandpit with lovely clean sand so bring the buckets, spade and diggers.
  • The super cool musical bell springers seen in the video below – the kids LOVE these as they are a great new addition we haven’t seen before, the bell noise continues for quite a long time AND the spring underneath is strong enough to hold up a child which means they make a fun balance ball as well!

Please note that this play area is NOT fully fenced and the fencing that is there will not prevent children of any age climbing through so please take care.


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