Don’t you just love those parks with soooooo much open space and beautiful green lawn for the kids to run around on – and even better with hills to roll down? Well that’s what you’ll find at Carisbrooke Park.

A big TICK for me at this playground is the number of swings they have – 10 in total, and some different ones to try out. Usually a playground just has two and the poor kids are stuck waiting for a turn, so I (I mean Miss M) was impressed that she could hop on and off the swings whenever she liked (and I mentioned we were there on Father’s Day – there were a few groups enjoying picnics around the place, but it definitely wasn’t too busy). Got multiples? Then this park suits you – think solo parent pushing triplet toddlers for an hour!

Toilets on site – another TICK!
Lots of shade – TICK!

There’s a workout/outdoor gym area that I’m sure older kids enjoy playing on just as much as those who use them for it’s intended purpose. All ages are catered for with a wobbly balance beam, main playground area, toddler play area + sand pit with clever pulleys and buckets attached to chains. A highlight is the old old tree trunk for exploring, hiding and playing in. Miss M and her dad loved talking to each other from different sides of the playground with those cool metal sound tubes!

The creek is another attraction of this park, but do take care with the kids as it’s not fenced and you can’t see kids in the creek from much of the play area BUT the creek and the road are a fair way from the playground. It really is leafy green and a lovely place to play. As well as plenty of swings and places to sit, there are free electric BBQs, tables, lots of climbable equipment, slides, a clock, spring rockers and more.

Carisbrooke Park