On a perfect autumn day bathed in the glow of the 4pm afternoon sunlight, we went to check out the new Bridgestone Reserve Playground, on Frost Road in Salisbury.

Bridgestone recently donated the land – and wow, what they have done with it is awesome!

The 6.8ha space at the former Bridgestone factory site on Frost Rd, features two kick-and-catch grassed areas, flying foxes, a fitness loop, barbecues and picnic areas, toilets, a new carpark and landscaping.

We arrived to see kids and families having a great time, BBQs cooking, kids playing and families hanging out. The immaculate and vast green lawn was so impressive! It’s lovely to go to a park with so much space to run around and kick a footy!

The play equipment caters for all ages, there was enough for my toddler to do (under supervision) such as the ambulance and fire trucks, simple steps with a small slide and two toddler swings.

Miss 4 was very adventurous and had a go on all the things! Flying fox, things that spin, rock climbing wall and a really fun playground structure to explore. Another great thing is there were plenty of swings – little people find it hard to wait for their turn so we love it when parks have plenty for everyone.

Highly recommended! Even if you don’t live in the area it’s worth checking out.

Bridgestone Reserve Playground