The gorgeous Japanese Himeji Gardens are located on the Eastern side of Glen Osmond Road and South Terrace intersection. This little oasis in the Southern Parklands is a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of ‘normal life’.


Enter the gardens during daylight hours and you’ll instantly feel more peaceful and a short walk through this serene garden will help any stressed parent (or anyone else!).  With a lovely water feature that is home to large goldfish, ducks and turtles, there is also a waterfall under the trees too. 

Throughout the gardens there are lovely Japanese plantings and a well maintain Japanese rock Zen garden, or Karensansui.

Please respect the tranquillity of the Japanese Himeji Gardens. While we think all kids should be able to experience this wonderful place please understand that other garden visitors are probably here for the peace and calming qualities too. This isn’t a park for ball games and loud family gatherings – take the family across the road to the newly renovated Marshmallow Park which is perfect for that!

Adelaide Japanese Himeji Gardens
Where: Cnr South Terrace and