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Adelaide Playgrounds Near Coffee

Name a better combo than a ripping playground and a strong cup of coffee? There is none. Sitting back with a quality coffee while the kids play at a fabulous playground, allowing you a moment to close your eyes and just recharge, is one of parenting’s great pleasures (That and getting kicked in the ribs at 3am by a restless toddler….isn’t that just so fun!) With that in mind coffee lovers, we have scoured our epic playground...

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Tower Hotel

A family friendly restaurant with a built in kids cinema? Shut up and take my money! The newly renovated Tower Hotel, out on Magill Road at Magill is a majestic old property that has been an icon in the area since around 1840! The renovations have done wonders, with a number of different areas within the precinct catering to pretty much everyone, with a great family area, spacious outdoor area that would be perfect in summer and sports and...

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Kokko – Korean Fried Chicken

We are going to be honest here and preface this with the fact we are huge lovers of fried chicken. Not really a shock, it is some of the best food going around. It is not a small statement then to say that we were absolutely blown away by the fabulously talented Julie Kim and her incredibly delicious authentic Korean fried chicken. Their website says it all, they limit to 100 serves per day to ensure the best handmade fried chicken at all...

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