• Where: 1/1 Margaret Street, Norwood
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  • Phone: 0402 655 797
  • Available for dine-in and pick-up.

We are going to be honest here and preface this with the fact we are huge lovers of fried chicken. Not really a shock, it is some of the best food going around. It is not a small statement then to say that we were absolutely blown away by the fabulously talented Julie Kim and her incredibly delicious authentic Korean fried chicken. Their website says it all, they limit to 100 serves per day to ensure the best handmade fried chicken at all times. How good is that!

So we know this is outstanding food for adults and perhaps the best fried chicken in town (find us better….honestly we can’t wait to go back), but how did the kids like it? The restaurant is boutique size, just off The Parade at Norwood and they have done a great job in designing a bright and enticing space ideal for families of all ages. With comfortable seating at different levels to cater for young ones right up to teens, it was impossible to not feel happy while waiting for our food.

The menu is simple, because frankly, if you do one thing spectacularly then focus on that. There are a number of flavours of their famous fried chicken to choose from (we got the boneless) and we will admit that the kids went the basic option, until they tried Dad’s Mayo Chicken, then next minute we had them begging Julie to add mayo to theirs. Of course she obliged with a smile! The service and warm welcome really did make the experience like stepping into a home for a family meal. It is well priced too and our party of 3 were fully fed with drinks for well under $50 bucks.

With any kids meal outing, they are always brutally honest if they didn’t like something, so for Mr 6 and often-picky Miss 13 I was very pleased when they spoke so enthusiastically about dinner. Mr 6 actually said it was ‘a really good dinner’, which is high praise from a 6 year old. Translates to 10 out of 10 in my book. Simple, awesome tasting food in a friendly and warm environment, what more can you ask for!