Construction is anticipated in early 2020. The playground is expected to be complete in mid-2020.
Features include

  • Picnic set
  • Bench seat
  • Drinking fountain
  • Swing Platform with slide
  • Rope challenge
  • Seesaw
  • Mini soccer goals

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  • Brompton Green off Hawker St, Brompton is a great local playground. With the play equipment best suited to younger kids (up to 8years old ish), its also mostly fenced and quite far off the main Hawker street. The playground has climbing area, 2 slides, spinner, birds nest swing and a lovely shaded sand pit. Very close by is a shelter, BBQ and a number of seating options. There is also plenty of open grassy space for a picnic or ball play. Brompton Green features include: BBQ, Open space, Water fountain, Picnic Tables, Playground best suited to toddlers to young primary kids, Public/community art, Seating, Shelter, Toilets across Hawker Street, Wheelchair access On street parking located on Ranelagh St and Tabard Ave, Brompton.    

  • Where: Yanyarrie Avenue, Edwardstown A beautiful brand new playground opened in May 2021, nestled snugly in the backstreets of Edwardstown, you will find City of Marion designed (Talented Jason Avery at work here again) ripping spot to relax and take a moment out of your busy day. With a huge nest swing, a really cool climbing boulder and some in-ground tramps, you won't find a tremendous amount of equipment, but what they have done is create a relaxing and peaceful space for local parents to unwind and let their little crew run or scoot (neat little bike track path winds throughout the playground too) around. It isn't fully fenced, but the side street is relatively quiet. Throw in a basketball court, water fountain and a lovely undercover seating space and this is a fantastic development for local families. To read more and to have your say

  • This playspace is located just off Quailo Avenue at Glade Crescent Reserve, Hallett Cove is a wonderful space for varying ages. We visited on the weekend with our 2-year-old and she loved it! The park is divided into two sections, one for juniors and one for seniors so there's something for all ages here. The junior side has 3 slides of different heights and widths. There's a train to play in and a few different types of toddler swings. The slides are shaded so no burnt bums going down! The senior playground has a great flying fox that is the highlight and also has lots of nature based items to balance and climb on. There's a big sandpit and even a really fun bike/scooter path, so pack your wheels! There's lots of space and shade here. Plenty of seating, tables, water fountains and a couple of BBQs. A great spot for a birthday party. A toilet is located on the Quailo Avenue side of the reserve. Image credit: Image credit: Image credit: Image credit: Image credit: Image credit: Glade Crescent ReserveWhere: Glade Crescent and Quailo Avenue, Hallett Cove (if you're heading South down Lonsdale…