As I rocked up to this playground my first reaction was WOW. This playground is huge and would appeal to a variety of ages. This playground is fully fenced and has lots of different styles of climbing equipment for the kids. From monkey bars to balancing equipment this is a kids dream. The play equipment also features a swing set including a baby swing and has 3 different slippery dips to cater for the different ages all with different ways to access each slide depending on the ability of individual children.

What I then love about this playground is that it then has a a separate small little toddler play piece featuring another slide, so the little ones don’t get caught amongst the big kids with splashes of blue and pink to add to the fun.

The reserve also features lots of grass to play on,toilets, as well as an undercover BBQ area with tables.

Whilst there are quite a few trees around the reserve the only down fall to this wonderful playground is there is NO shade over the equipment. Such a shame. I have noticed over the last few months that the Holdfast council has been adding a lot of shade clothes to playgrounds in the community so let’s hope this one is on their list.

In need of a coffee Market on Maxwell ( located on Maxwell Tce ) is only a short walk away

Wyatt St Glenelg East