I must admit rocking up to this playground I was a tad excited and silently wished I was a kid again. Catering for a broad range of ages this playground located in Glenelg East is a fabulous

First thing you see is the tall crow’s nest with spider web climbing ropes leading up to the top followed by a long tubular green slippery dip. A big kids dream. You have to work hard to get to the top but the cool slippery dip is surely worth it. A variety of other equipment is then scattered around the fully fenced play area to suit a few different ages.

Animal bouncy pieces, a see saw, swing set including a nest swing and baby swing and you certainly can not miss the big orange and blue bouncy car. The brightly coloured crooked house is also fabulous play area for the toddlers and includes a small climbing area and a bright red tunnel you must climb through to get to the little slippery dip.


The reserve also has a large grassed area that can be utilised, BBQ facilities and toilets. Whilst there are quite a few big trees creating some shade over the playground the only down side to this park is that there is NO shade over the playground. Such a shame as I love this playground.

If you’re in need of a coffee it is unfortunately a stop along the way. I would suggest Market on Maxwell Cafe is the closest.

Corner of Augusta and Third Ave Glenelg East